Plus Moins

Jan 24 (9h, 35m) by Don Fugler from P6 grooming grooming 
Pistes: #7, #8, #31 [6.3km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
I usually only take the 8-17 combination when there is fresh snow but I tried it this morning. Trail 8 was packed hard. It was fine for climbing but would be fast and unforgiving for descending. There was a fair bit of foot traffic near the parking lot on #8 and then some on the very top. The bottom was people but the top was deer. Trail 17 had some residual fluffiness on the flatter portions.
Jan 23 (1d, 4h) by Cindy Courtemanche from P17 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: #50, #51, #52, #53, #54 (green), #55 (green - shared), #55 (green - alternative), #55 (blue - alternative) [46km], GGlisse: , Adhérence: Green
Did the *new* Wakefield Loop today. Grooming and conditioned were perfect. Though a colder day than we have had in a while, there was no wind in the forest and the sun was lovely. This *new* loop puts you onto trail #51 around to #55 and Taylor Lake with the new parking lot P20. A fun extension, but poorly signed so it took a while to figure out how to get to the extension. Also note, this new loop clocks in around 30kms versus 21kms in the past.
Jan 23 (1d, 7h) by Karl Saidla from P7 grooming grooming 
Pistes: #1, Camp Fortune Race Course [12.6km], GGlisse: Vauhti Cold, Adhérence: Vauhti orange, covered with a bit of green
Some great skiing available in sunny, crisp conditions on Ridge Road today. It's excellent for either classic or skating, but the skating is pretty hard work as the snow is not fast. It's a day for classic if you ask me. I also skied around the Camp Fortune Racing course, which is also in good shape and has classic tracks. There are some thin spots and some soft spots but speaking from experience, it is more than adequate to tire somebody out. Truth be told, if there is harder 5k race course out there I would be surprised.
Jan 23 (1d, 7h) by Don Fugler from P12 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: #2 (from #40 to #1), #9, #18, #20, #21 [11.5km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
I like the loop that I took mid-week so much that I skied it again, this time with company (40-2-21-3-9-20-21-2-40). There are more people out on a Saturday morning. The climb up #2 is welcome in order to get warm. All the small trails are in perfect condition.
Jan 22 (2d, 21h) by Marnie Beaubien from P7 grooming 
Pistes: #30, Champlain Pkwy, #8 [12.3km], GGlisse: Skins, Adhérence:
Great to finally be on #8 (Highland) from Booth Hill. Conditions were excellent.. Got off at the Champlain Parkway skied up to Fortune parkway, then to the Ridge road returning to P7 via #31 as it as dark.
There were some avoidable rocks after the lookout.. on that long run down. Grooming on Champlain Parkway was fresh at 4:30 pm. Ridge road was marvelous. 8.5 km total.
Jan 22 (2d, 21h) by Robert Boggs from P19 grooming 
Pistes: #50, #54 (green) [17.5km], GGlisse: , Adhérence: Blue V50
The parking has been moved down to P20 Lac Phillippe. This shortens the trail considerably and takes away a couple of hills. Not being able to use the cabins changes the experience considerably. Now it is an out and back without the grilled cheese sandwich and comradery meeting other skiers while warming up by the wood stove.
Everyone seemed extra happy about having good snow coverage. New snow and snow from the trees had covered in the tracks a fair amount. 54 seemed only groomed for classic and the skating lane had deeper snow and would have been a slow go.
Jan 22 (2d, 10m) by Cindy Courtemanche from P11 grooming 
Pistes: #36 (blue) [6.5km], GGlisse: , Adhérence: skins
#36 was machine groomed, double trackset for the first kilometer or so after P11. Unfortunately there were enough hikers to really put a dent into the tracks up to the turn-off to the Wilson Carbide trail. After that the trail has been manually trackset to the intersection with #50. The tips of some rocks still poke out so best to use your rock skies still. #36 is getting there, but we still need more snow for full coverage.
Jan 22 (2d, 3h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P16 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: #50, #55 (green - shared) [18.1km], GGlisse: Swix CH Blue, Adhérence: Vauhti K19
****** - 6 stars for the fun factor
****** - 6 stars for fresh snow and scenery
***** - 5 stars for nailing the wax (Jo-Ann)
*** - 3 stars for grooming

A joint report by Garry (skate, of course) and Jo-Ann (classic).
Garry went to the end of Green 55 and I turned around at the intersection of 55 and 50.
Shortly after 8:00 the parking lot was almost empty, but was more than half full by the time we finished.
Everything had been groomed last night, while it was still snowing, so there was a layer of fresh powder over a fairly firm base. I followed someone's skied-in classic tracks on the way out.

This is one of my favorite classic routes. It rolls in both directions, so that the downhills send you halfway up the next hill.

Garry reports that the skating was silky smooth, but not fast. The freshest grooming was on trail 55.

Overall it was a great ski!!
Jan 22 (2d, 5h) by Karl Saidla from P7 grooming grooming 
Pistes: #6, #30, #4, #14, Camp Fortune Race Course, #11, #22, #34 [19.7km], GGlisse: Vauhti Cold, Adhérence: Vauhti violet
Got out on some of the small trails this morning and really enjoyed it. Watch out for the odd place with a rock or two but otherwise these are great conditions for ungroomed skiing - firm underneath with some fresh snow on top to slow you down and soften the landings a bit! Parkways and Ridge Road looked great too, and it was also very nice to see the Camp Fortune racing trail groomed (no tracks yet).
Jan 21 (3d, 4h) by Michael Wright from P3 grooming 
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy, #5 (green) [16km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
No grooming yet in the P3 area as of 2 PM. My wife was content with classic in the human maintained classic tracks but I was slogging along in the deep snow of the skate lanes of the parkway and #5. Very soft and slow for a skater, but a great workout I guess. I wish Demsis would have groomed two passes on a day like today, because I have to think they are up on revenue and under on the gas budget this year.
Jan 21 (3d, 7h) by Karl Saidla from P10 grooming 
Pistes: Fortune Pkwy [4km], GGlisse: Vauhti Cold, Adhérence: Vauhti orange, covered with a bit of vauhti blue.
There is something undeniably fun about being out in cold fluffy snow as it piles up on the ground. I wouldn't expect anything other than soft conditions today but don't let that stop you - classic skiing was really fun and easy to wax for. Enough people are out that the tracks are getting skied in and it is firm underneath. Skating might be a bit of a chore. Have patience once they start grooming this because it is the kind of snow that doesn't set up firmly very easily. Bearing all of the above in mind and the long range forecast - we are in for some great conditions over at least the next week or so.
Jan 20 (4d, 3h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P5 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: Champlain Pkwy, #1 Penguin Climb, #1, Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [30.8km], GGlisse: Swix CH Blue, Adhérence: VR40
Another cold, perfect day.
***** = Fun factor and the weather (5.5)
***** = parkways (5/5)
*** = Ridge Road (3/5)

I considered doing two reports, one for the parkways and one for Ridge Road. Now Ridge Road was breathtakingly beautiful but the grooming was certainly lacking. It felt like a snowmobile had done it a few days ago before yesterday's little bit of snow fell. There was a track on one side, the other side was pretty much trackless or messily human-tracked and the skate lane area did seem more narrow than previous years. It took me as long to cover the first 7 K as it took to ski the next 14 K and only partly because I had forgotten how steep Penguin Hill is. The downhills were very mellow today.
Anyway, the sun was shining and it was favorite temperature for classic (minus 10) and waxing was a no brainer. A beautiful day. More photos at
Jan 20 (4d, 8h) by Don Fugler from P12 grooming   photos!
Pistes: #2 (blue), #40, #20, #21 [7.1km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
Climbed 2 and did a small loop of 21-3-9-20 and back down on 2. It was, again, perfect. Soft two-track through the woods and a couple of lake/swamp traverses to provide vistas. Perfect weather. No one around.
Jan 20 (4d, 8h) by Karl Saidla from P5 grooming 
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy [12.9km], GGlisse: Vauhti Cold, Adhérence: Vauhti orange, covered with a bit of vauhti blue.
Snuck out this morning for a short ski in the P5 area. The parkways were groomed again overnight, with nothing to report there other than it being perfect again (and maybe a touch slow if you are feeling grumpy). The 15 has had some snowmobile traffic but still no tracks - looking forward to when those go in.
Jan 19 (5d, 8h) by Karl Saidla from Old Chelsea grooming 
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 (black - Chelsea) [21.5km], GGlisse: Star NF Cold Liquid, Adhérence: Guess: Vauhti Orange, covered with touch of bulue
Parkways are pretty much as perfect as they get - and nice crisp day too. I also skied the bottom section of Ridge Road from Old Chelsea. It has been packed from near the old visitor Centre but there are no classic tracks yet. Still some foot traffic on what is supposed to be the ski trail but certainly passable skiing.
Jan 19 (5d, 8h) by Don Fugler from P11 grooming   photos!
Pistes: #36 (blue) [6.5km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
We tried #36 again but it was not worth the effort. The trail is clearly marked as a ski trail (see photo) but it has only really been used as a walking trail, probably heavily on the weekend. The poor surface made downhills dangerous and the flats unpleasant. The NCC website says it is not recommended and, for once, I concur. However, they should either patrol the trail entrance on the weekend to keep walkers away or groom it Monday morning so there is skiing at least through the week. Right now it is useless.
Jan 18 (6d, 2h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P10 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 [13.6km], GGlisse: Swix CH Blue, Adhérence: Swix VR40
P10 - Etienne Brule - Ridge to Wolf Trail.
One of the most wintry and gorgeous days this season. The parkways were groomed to perfection. I had intended to ski on Ridge the entire way out but the parkway grooming was more appealing than Ridge. Ridge was ungroomed after yesterday's heavy traffic. From Etienne Brule it was only one lane, but classic traffic was light so sharing wasn't an issue. There were many many skate skiers today, and they were all respecting the classic tracks. More photos at
Jan 18 (6d, 7h) by Don Fugler from P5 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: #1 Penguin Climb, #6, #19, #34 [7.6km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
Winter has arrived. The backcountry trails were perfect (and so was the weather).
Jan 17 (7d, 23h) by Robert Boggs from P17 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: #51, #53 [13.4km], GGlisse: , Adhérence: Violet V50
Great conditions for this late start. No rocks, twigs or leaves. There was a tree down on 53 between the junction with 51 and P19. It was easy to keep a 2 m spacing. They have almost doubled the parking available at P17.
Jan 17 (1w, 6h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P5 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [21km], GGlisse: Swix Purple CH 7, Adhérence:
From P5 to the ice-fall, then up the first hill to Pink Lake and back to the base of Penguin and P5.
A much shorter skate ski than planned! Conditions are gloriously beautiful but also extremely slow compared to the faster conditions of the last two weeks. Grooming was excellent for both skating and classic. There were happy skiers everywhere, smiling despite staying distanced. Winter has come!
Jan 17 (1w, 7h) by Cedric Poon from N/A grooming 
Pistes: #8 [3.2km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
I skied up #23 from CPW near King Mountain. It was annoying to follow tracks of two hikers. Thankfully those tracks ended at the intersection of #23/#8/#17. A few rocks were still exposed from there to the swamp next to CPW. They should be covered by the 10cm forecasted on Thursday.
Jan 16 (1w, 1d) by Karl Saidla from P6 grooming grooming 
Pistes: Champlain Pkwy [8.1km], GGlisse: Star Warm NF liquid, Adhérence: It's a day for all manner of of no wax skis
You never know exactly how things will pan out when 25 cm of snow at 0 is in the forecast. This time it's going very well. The snow is wet enough to set up fairly firm, but not so wet as to be agonizingly slow. At the same time, fresh snow at 0 usually isn't worth trying to wax for. The really lazy way out is to skate. The other way is to use some kind of no wax ski. For what it's worth, when it is actually 0 and snowing the best skis for me have always been "zeros", "hairies", "rub skis" or whatever you want to call them.
Jan 16 (1w, 1d) by Don Fugler from P7 grooming grooming 
Pistes: #7 [2.7km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
Tried the short loop from Kingsmere (7-parkway-15). Lovely to see that much snow and the grooming on the parkway was good. Unfortunately, having to scrape off the skis under the kick zone 10-15 times cut into the enjoyment. I am not sure how to avoid that clumping.
Jan 15 (1w, 2d) by Karl Saidla from Old Chelsea grooming 
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy , Fortune Pkwy, North Loop, #1 Penguin Climb, #1 [17.5km], GGlisse: Star NF Warm, Adhérence: Guess: Vauhti K Universal Gold Klister with a bit of Vauhti GF Silver hardwax on top
Enjoyed a mid-day loop from Old Chelsea, up Penguin, down Fortune and back via the north loop. I still used rock skis for Ridge Road but this might be the last day you need them. Snow was humid and a bit sticky, with tracks that were glazing. The parkways were in great shape - as always it seems. The weatherpeople said we had frozen fog this morning. Whatever it is called, it sure makes the trees look nice.
Jan 15 (1w, 2d) by Jo-Ann Holden from P8 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy [12.9km], GGlisse: , Adhérence: Skin Skis
Fun Factor= 5 stars
Skate Conditions = 5 stars (or more)
Classic Conditions= 3 stars

Again Demsis did it! Great skate conditions despite a thin base. I had already promised myself I would suck it up, ignore the spring conditions and test out my classic skin skis. It was a rewarding and exhausting ski, but the fog made for a magic atmosphere. The classic tracks didn't appear to be freshly groomed, but were very good between P8 and Mica. From Mica to Asticou they deteriorated steadily as elevation decreased. They became increasingly icy, squirrely or were missing entirely. Often the human-created second track was a better choice. It will be very exciting if we get some new, deep, snowy tracks this weekend!
And some news! There are now stop signs where the parkways intersect at P8. It may take some time for drivers to adjust to this change, though, so be careful if you are crossing there.
I hope my next report will be to document a huge snowfall!
Jan 14 (1w, 3d) by Karl Saidla from P5 grooming grooming 
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy , #1, Gatineau Pkwy [20km], GGlisse: Star Warm NF liquid, Adhérence: Vauhti GF Red, maybe with abit of GF Siliver
Parkways in great shape and freshly groomed near P5. It is notably icier and more glazy at lower elevations. Classic waxing was less tricky than I might have thought - Some Vauhti GF Red covered with a thin layer of GF Silver gripped pretty well in most places and didn't ice - but that could change as the day goes on, with icing becoming less of a problem as the glaze sets in, and grip requiring something stickier. I skied a bit on Ridge Road and it while not groomed, it looked good for either skate or classic if you don't mind some bumps and the odd rock.
Jan 12 (2w, 5d) by Garry Tarr from P10 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1, #1 (green) (#2 - #24) [15.6km], GGlisse: CH7, Adhérence:
A centimeter of fresh powder falling overnight (a major dump by this year's standards) did wonders to freshen up skiing this morning. I skated from P10 up the FLP and CP to the Champlain Lookout, then west on 1A to the Valley Lookout bench. There was excellent fresh grooming as far as the Etienne Brule Lookout, giving great control and glide (glide was helped by temperatures just a bit below freezing). It looked like the groomer had turned around at Brule. This was a smart move, since the coverage between this point and the Champlain Lookout was paper thin. However, with a bit of care I did not ground out. Out of curiosity I ventured west from the Champlain Lookout along Ridge Road. The track there hadn't been groomed in a while, but skiing on the silky fresh powder was delightful if not super fast. The lack of recent grooming also meant the skate lane was a bit bumpy, but that is a minor quibble. I made the second set of tracks on this section, and no one had gone beyond the Valley Lookout bench, where I turned around. There was stubble poking through just west of the bench (see photo- this area always has poor coverage) but I could easily have picked my way through this short section and continued west. Skiers I met near the Champlain Lookout reported rocks were showing in the Khyber Pass area- no surprise. I was using my good skis, so I returned via the Parkways. When I departed P10 a bit after 8AM the lot was at most half full. When I returned around 10AM the only space left was in the center lane. P8 was nearly full at 8AM (!). Get out and enjoy the skiing today if you can, temperatures above freezing later this week are not going to help the thin snow cover.
Jan 11 (2w, 6d) by Ian Naish from P10 grooming   photos!
Pistes: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [6.5km], GGlisse: , Adhérence: blue extra v40
I can echo David's comments. It was a great day out on the parkways. We left a surprisingly 2/3 full P10 at 11:40. Air temp -4C. Grip and glide were both excellent and we had a nice quick pace all the way up FLP and the Champlain Parkway to Huron Shelter. Classic tracks had been heavily used but were still in great shape. Sun came out half way up which made things even better. Run back down to P10 was also very nice - fast tracks, with a bit of glazing near P10 but easy control.
Jan 11 (2w, 6d) by David Brownrigg from P1 grooming 
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy, #5 (green), #27, #29 (alternative) [17.7km], GGlisse: Vauhti glide -2 to -20, Adhérence: blue extra
Still good classic conditions on 5,27 and the short run on 29 from 27 to Cite des Jeunes. No fresh grooming but good medium depth tracks. The only section that needs a redo is 5 from 27 back to Cite des Jeunes. Track is meandering with no shape. Snow texture is perfect for speed; skiing was effortless and very fast. I thought the Relais Centre at P2 would be closed due to Covid but they're open and so are the washrooms, masks must be worn of course.
Jan 11 (2w, 6d) by Don Fugler from P5 grooming 
Pistes: #1 Penguin Climb, #6, #19, #34 [7.6km], GGlisse: , Adhérence:
I tried the little loop on the top of the Penguin climb this morning (19-34-6). It's marginal with many apparent rocks and extensive foot traffic but still enjoyable. Nice being in the woods. The climb (#1) is remarkably skiable despite no recent grooming and no new snow. And, yes, there are a few pebbles in the snow on #1 just before the last set of turns when descending.
Jan 11 (2w, 6d) by Jo-Ann Holden from P2 grooming 
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy, #5 (green), #27 [16.5km], GGlisse: , Adhérence: K15
Not the nicest ski, and quite a contrast to all the previous ones. Near the Relais, as expected, the snow was thinner than ever and tracks were down to dirt, grass or ice in many places. One spot on 27 had a vicious, exposed black rock. The real surprise was the lack of grooming on the lower parkways. Everything was skied down although snow depth seems quite good in this area. The classic tracks were glazed from the weekend traffic and many of them had lost their sidewalls. It took a lot of mental effort to get any grip! Surprisingly grooming began at Mica, where it was excellent. Poles did break through occasionally between Kingsmere and Mulvihill. We desperately need more snow! (no photos today - just not an inspiring day).
Jan 10 (2w, 7d) by Rick Hellard from P19 grooming 
Pistes: #55 (green - shared), #55 (green - alternative), #55 (blue - alternative), #56 [18.1km], GGlisse: right one, Adhérence: wrong one
Classic skied from P20 along 55 to 56 to Lac Richard. Same way back.

55 was excellent
56 was not track set, but still okay. Going out, the big downhills had a lot of rocks showing, so not so great for the skis. I hit a few and boy, the quick change in speed when one ski stops and the other doesn't can be a bit of a surprise.

The 'old' 56 to Richard was a treat to walk, but not really skiable due to ice, rocks, roots etc, so we stashed the skis and hiked it. Very pleasant.
Jan 10 (2w, 4h) by John Goatcher from N/A grooming   photos!
Pistes: #15 (blue) [6km], GGlisse: Mid-temperature, Adhérence: VR50
Using Classic skis. Trail 5 from Ch de la Mine was in excellent shape. Trail 15 blue was quite skiable in the up direction though there were several places with rocks and one 15m patch of glare ice that would make descending more of a challenge.
I noticed that there were a lot more walkers on 15 than skiers, and a few bike tracks too. However it did not make much difference as the trail is so firm that feet leave little imprint.
Came back on Promenade de la Gatineau which was in amazing shape considering the lack of snow.
Jan 10 (2w, 7h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P5 grooming grooming   photos!
Pistes: Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [19.6km], GGlisse: Swix Purple CH 7, Adhérence:
Another morning with awesome, freshly groomed skate conditions. Glide was good despite the cold temperature. Some of the classic tracks still show traces of grass, indicating the shallowness of the snow, however with the excellent daily grooming it is possible to forget how thin it actually is. It was reassuring to see skiers following the Covid-19 guidelines and keeping a safe distance apart. By 9:15 P5 was at least three quarters full. The parking attendant is doing a fine job of maximizing the use of space.
Jan 9 (2w, 23h) by Ken Trischuk from P19 grooming 
Pistes: #50, #54 (green), #55 (green - shared), #54 (black), #56 [34.7km], GGlisse: blue, Adhérence: VR40
Similar outing to Rick so I'd echo his comments (in fact I crossed path with him on 54) but I was skiing classic so have a few additions. The wax (VR40) was fine although all the sand and gravel here and there in the tracks worked well at removing it. Not sure a binder would help much but stopping once to re-wax wasn't a big chore on such a nice day.

I also skied along Lusk lake as there were lots of tracks out on the ice. (which seemed solid). I backtracked to the Lusk trail on 54 black (where it parallels the lake). That was skiable but needs a LOT more snow to make it enjoyable. Lots of roots and rocks exposed made it a chore to pick my line while avoiding the worst of the obstacles (I didn't avoid them all :( but had the "lesser" of my classic skis on today.

I also skied out across Taylor lake and then up to the Pontiac lookout on 56. At first I wasn't planning to ski far up the trail (based on my experience on 54 black) but it was actually in great shape. Two nicely skied in classic tracks in a reasonable depth of snow. No signs of rocks or gravel all the way up and the ski down was fast and easy. A few signs of walkers along that trail but they had very politely walked along the side of the classic tracks so no issues there either! Happy I ventured up it to take a look.

New P20 was about 1/2 to 2/3 full which is a lot of cars (its a BIG lot) but the trails didn't seem too crowded as a result. Just a typical "sunny Saturday" crowd. By contrast, P19 (as I drove past) only had 5 or 6 cars... so most people are clearly continuing on to the new parking area. Forecast looks like more snow by next weekend... but its looked like that all season so we'll just keep hoping for an Alberta clipper or Colorado low to venture our way and increase the snow depth.

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