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Nov 19 (19h, 7m) by Craig Storey from South: Stadium grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Powerline, NESSL-5, NESSL-6, NESSL-7, NESSL-8, NESSL-9, NESSL-10 [0.562km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
A lot of Nakkertok South is skiable at the moment. The Nakkertrak has 1.1km of perfect conditions for skate or classic. A short loop for now, but the trails team is almost ready finished all the expansion work so it should be stretched to full length soon.

If you are looking for more distance, then put on your rock skis and explore the rest of the system - just be careful of the work going on. Quite a few trails have been rolled with the snowmachine and conditions are similar to Ridge Road and Burma in Gatineau park; fun, skiable but need more snow for good skis or perfect grooming. Horseman's pass and Waterfall are skiable...and a nice place to take the kids.
Nov 13 (7d, 12h) by Anton Scheier from South: Stadium grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: NESSL-5, NESSL-6, NESSL-8 [0.239km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
The Nakkertrak opened Season 3 on Monday and has had several passes with the Pisten Bully. We presently have 1/2k open with the Powerline hill to Jackrabbit corner, open for up and downhill skiing. The bumps are also good! Public access should open Friday, check Nakkertok.ca for updates. We expect to have more trail open, due to the cool weather.

We are the host site for the 2019 Ski Championships in March, and are expanding the Nakkertrak to approximately 2.5 km with funding from that event. Construction is underway this week, but the trak is still open. We will have a 2 hour Family Ski time on weekend days this year. Day users are welcome.

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About Skiing at Nakkertok..

Nakkertok has a network of about 75km of skating, classical and backcountry trails at two locations just north of Ottawa in the Gatineau Hills.

General Info: Driving Directions | Trail Maps | Trail Conditions | Grooming Activity Report.

Nakkertok South is the main attraction offering groomed skating and classic skiing, chalets, races and children's programming. There are lit trails for night skiing. Club membership, or a day-use fee required for skiing.

Nakkertok North trails are quite demanding, and only occasionally groomed (Fridays). They offer a refreshing backcountry wilderness experience for those with good skiing skills. The trails at Nakkertok North are almost always quiet. The annual Nakkerloppet event in February is a great opportunity to discover these trails by making the North to South crossing.

Nakkertok South Trails Legend

Ice Storm Loop  
Sunrise Loop  
Jackrabbit Loop  
Suuronen/Mallory Loop  
Lower Lit loop  
Chute Charron  
Dirk's Dive  
Johannsenhus to Owl cabin Loop  
Perri's Way  
Warm-up Loop  
Beep Beep  
Horseman's Pass  
Pond Loops  
Pooch Loop  
Waterfall Trail  
The Jump and Dave's Den  
Morrall Loop  
Haycock Mine Loop  
#1 heading to North..  
@Owl Cabin  
NESSL-3Dirk's dive to Jackrabbit0.044
NESSL-4Jackrabbit Hill0.256
NESSL-6Play Park 
NESSL-7Finish Corridor0.093
NESSL-8Barn/Shed Corridor0.118
NESSL-9Stadium North0.115
NESSL-10Stadium South0.115

Nakkertok North Trails Legend

#1 - A,B,C,D,E,K  
#15 - parking lot to Z  
Beaver Valley Bridge  
#21 to X  
Phil's Folly + #19 K to X  
Bushman's Bend  
#13 - J,Y,G,F & Awesome Hill  
Thea's Way  
#1 - K to Q  
Tertiary: Backcountry  
#13 from D to N  
Specialty: Special events, upon Jackrabbit request  
Jackrabbit - NakNorth Field  


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