Larose Forest

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Larose FOrest Ski Trails

Following an idea from agronomist Ferdinand Larose at the end of 1928's, the Larose Forest was created.

The Forest is the host of numerous outdoor activities year round, ranging from hiking to snowmobiling. Please refer to the map section to get more details on activities and parking locations.

It is also part of a silvicultural management respectful of the environment and carefully planned in collaboration with the South Nation Conservation.

Nearly 29 kilometres of cross-country ski trails crisscross the various forest stands on relatively flat terrain. There are groomed trails for classic and skate skiing. Trail maintenance and conditions are updated on the trails interactive map. Maintenance and track settings are carried out by the staff of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell according to the needs and the weather.


  • Limoges Sector, Ferdinand Lane, Parking P1 and P7
  • Bourget Sector, County Road 8, Parking P2 and P3

Larose Forest Ski Trails