SHE - Ski Heritage East

Trails Skied: SHE West, Glide Wax: Vauhti glide One Wet -1 to +10, Grip Wax: skins

Another great classic ski on the SHE from the Convent Glen area out to the figure 8 beside the parkway and back. Classic tracks at mid depth with a good dry snow base even though the temps were above zero and sunny. Used my skins but blue extra or purple probably would've worked. Hope we don't get the rains they're calling for tomorrow..

Trails Skied: SHE 1: Tenth - Willow Classic, SHE 1: Trim Road -Tenth Line, Glide Wax: Vauhti glide -2 to -20, Grip Wax: blue extra

Excellent classic conditions on the SHE between Tweddle Way (Trim) and Radisson Way. Grooming was done yesterday but the tracking is still holding nicely at about mid depth. Fast and easy skiing conditions.

Trails Skied: SHE West, Glide Wax: Blue, Grip Wax: Blue

Nice sunny morning with lots of fresh snow! There were 35 smiling skiers out on the East side of the trails between 9-10am this morning, 4 walkers, 2 fat bikers and 1 dog.

There was fresh grooming last night, but lots of new snow and drifting overtop. All those skiers had put in good tracks and it was very nice mid-winter skiing conditions. The forest loop near p27 had on pass of fresh grooming, so look for a full clean-up by tomorrow and some really stellar conditions.

Trails Skied: SHE West, Glide Wax: Vauhti glide -2 to -20, Grip Wax: blue extra

Fresh grooming on the SHE from the end of Radisson Way out to the Greens Creek Loop and back. Not as much new snow from last night as hoped but better than nothing. The groomers did their best with what they had resulting in a mostly snow and ice mixed, compacted base from behind Convent Glen and out to the River Lookout with the red chairs. From that point the tracks were better deeper and snowier. I think there's more snow coming on Sunday..

Trails Skied: SHE West, Glide Wax: Blue, Grip Wax: Blue

Fresh grooming after our first new snow in weeks! Only 3-5cm of fluff but it has made for a soft layer on top of the ice. The centre lane is freshly pressed and easy skiable. The tracks are thin, with icy bottoms in places, but well formed.

The new snow makes for nice wintery skiing in the bright sunshine. Wind from the West was bighting.

Trails Skied: SHE West, Glide Wax: Blue, Grip Wax: Universal klister

Skied from the NCC Riverhouse to Blair, and up around by the aviation museum. Everything was tilled, with deep set classic tracks.

It was still icy for skate, but edging was possible, and once the sun warms the snow it will be excellent this afternoon. The best part this morning was around the aviation museum from P5 to Marina. They groomed by crushing the crust and finding softer parts which made for a softer trail.

Amazing job by the groomers to till and make the little base available skiable.
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The Ski Heritage East Trail is a professionally groomed winter trail that facilitates skate and classic skiing, fat-biking, snowshoeing as well as walking. The trail covers an out and back distance of 30 km along the banks of the Ottawa River right here in Orleans, from Blair Rd. to Trim Road. Easily accessible by foot, car or bus at one of nine trailhead entrances, the trails cover many of the same spots residents of Orleans and the East end of Ottawa ride their bicycles, run or walk on in the summer months.

A dedicated team of volunteers work passionately to make cross-country skiing in the east end of Ottawa as pleasurable as possible.

Ski Heritage East is a non-profit group that relies on donations from Trail users, sponsors, and the City of Ottawa and NCC.

Ski Heritage East