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Mar 20 (3d, 15h) by David Brownrigg from P1 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue
This report covers the Larose Forest Trail from the P2 parking area off of hwy 8, south of Bourget ON. After yesterday's somewhat messy ski from the Limoges side of the trail system tried the newer Perron Trail which loops south of the main east/west link. Mostly fresh classic and skate grooming throughout. The snow through the pine trees from the parking lot down towards the boundary road crossing was somewhat dirty with debris in the tracks but once past this spot the snow was pristine and the tracking beautiful! First time for me on Perron (at the very bottom of the loop) which passes beside wolf creek and has the only hill in the entire ski system. Passed a couple of skate skiers who had big smiles on their faces. Nice to have superb conditions, blue skies and no wind!
Mar 19 (4d, 16h) by David Brownrigg from P1 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue
This report covers the Larose Forest trails from P1 off of Indian Creek road on the Limoges ON side of the trail system. Basically well formed but hardened classic tracks from last Friday's grooming that froze up over the last few days. Still very much skiable but for the debris in the tracks mainly in the pine tree stretches. Sections with deciduous trees or in the open were clean. My skis were completely gummed up by the time I reached the picnic table (see photo) just before the 8th concession. Oddly enough I still had good grip and glide. Seemed like a rare combination of just enough abrasion under the ski and the hardened tracks provided a workable right mixe. Saw moose tracks but no moose as Terry had reported on Saturday. All in all a surprisingly fair to good ski.
Mar 17 (5d, 11h) by Terry Gray from P20 
Trails Skied: ONSC Trails [5km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
This report covers the Larose Forest combined trail from P7 to Concession 10. Did a short skate ski in the afternoon, trails were groomed yesterday and were in great shape. Classic tracks looked well formed and deep. A little hard and fast in the woods but also a little softer in areas where the sun hit the trail. Some debris on the trail just east of the picnic table that caused some issues, but only a few pine cones that were easily avoided on other parts of the trail. Saw a moose about 60 yards from P7, and although he didn't stick around for a photo I did notice that he had the good sense to walk on the edge of the trail away from the classic tracks. If only some humans would show the same amount of respect!
Mar 13 (1w, 3d) by David Brownrigg from P1 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: violet
This report covers the Larose Forest Trails from the P2 parking area just outside of Bourget ON. Skied the loop that connects to the south trails. Basically wet snowed in tracks with snow continuing to fall. Waxless ski conditions but I don't own any so went with violet which worked well but still had to stop to remove clumping snow a few times. As well the uneven track made for a wobbly ski. Can't complain too much at least we're getting fresh snow in mid-March!
Mar 10 (2w, 6d) by Tom Conklin from P19 
Trails Skied: 45 [4.2km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: -1 to +1
ROUTE: Did most of 45 except for the Eastern loop.

CLASSIC: There are skied in tracks that vary greatly in their constitution. They wash out in many places and are occasionally a bit tread upon by hikers. My wax was about right but there were quite a few double poling occasions. Overall it is nice to be back in the woods close to home but there really isn't a great opportunity for a sustained workout because of the lack of solid tracking.

TRAFFIC: Full parking lot around noon but it was clearing out quickly. About half full when we headed home around one.
Mar 9 (2w, 7d) by David Brownrigg from P20 
Trails Skied: 51, 52 [7.5km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: violet
XC skiing has returned to Mer Bleu after a 3 week snow drought! The usual skier made tracks, single lane only this morning on damp, crunchy snow making for a wobbly ski. Started my run with blue extra wax, zero grip, then applied violet, much better for most of my outing, except towards the end, where grip started to fade (likely rising temps to blame).
Mar 8 (2w, 16h) by David Brownrigg from P1 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue extra
This reports covers the Larose Forest Trail from the P1 parking area off of Indian Creek road. Essentially 4 or 5 cms of fresh snow and still falling on last week's track set grooming which is still holding. The track on the north section of the loop has been unfortunately obliterated by a vehicle but is still passable. I skied the loop 3 times with the first pass slow having to pack down snow into the track with subsequent passes progressively quicker than the first. More snow on the way, hopefully the township will be able do some grooming..

About Skiing in the Green Belt..

The National Capital Greenbelt has over 100km of trails and another 25km of recreational pathways, most of which are suitable for cross-country skiing in the wintertime. All of the trails are suitable for beginner and family outings.

Thanks to the Nakkertok Nordic Ski Club, Orleans Nordic Ski Club and Kanata Nordic Ski Club for their volunteer grooming of various Green Belt trails from time to time. The city of Ottawa and the NCC would like to encourage urban skiing, so if you appreciate the grooming let your councilor, the city and the NCC know!

ONSC grooms The Hornet's Nest (Tauvette street to Montreal Rd), Mer Bleue and Pine Grove Forest (the section off Leitrum Rd). Trails are classic skiing ONLY, no skating is allowed on these trails. The Hornet's Nest is groomed at least weekly and the others as time permits. Updated trail conditions are available at the snow phone; 613-837-SNOW.

General Info: Trail Descriptions and Driving Directions | Trail Maps |

Green Belt Trails Legend

10P2-Carling Ave4
11P3-Corkstown Rd1.5
12P3-Corkstown Rd2.7
20P4-Trimm Dr3
21P4-Trimm Dr2.3
22P4-Trimm Dr2.4
22P4-Trimm Dr2.4
23-2.7kmP5-Eagleson Rd2.7
23-2.3kmP5-Eagleson Rd2.3
TCTTrans Canada Trail (old Railroad) Eagleson - Robertson2.7
24P5 or P63
25P6-Richmond Rd3.5
P8P8-Moodie Dr1.5
26-1.5kmP9-Moodie Dr1.5
26-2.2kmP9-Moodie Dr2.2
26P10-Hunt Club Rd4
27P10-Hunt Club Rd2.7
28P11-HWY 4162
29P12-HWY 4162.8
ONSC TrailsONSC Trails5
40 1.8
42 2.9
50 5.3
51 3.8
52 3.7


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Observed at: Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier Int'l Airport
Date: 7:00 AM EDT Friday 23 March 2018
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
Temperature: -4.4°C
Wind Chill: -10
Wind: WNW 14 km/h
Humidity: 69%
Dew point: -9.2°C
Pressure: 101.8 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Visibility: 24 km
Sunrise: 7:00 EDT
Sunset: 19:17 EDT
Max 5°C. Min -5°C.

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Ottawa (Kanata - Orléans), ON (Issued: 5:00 AM EDT Friday 23 March 2018)

Mainly cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries this morning and early this afternoon. Wind becoming northwest 20 km/h this afternoon. High plus 2. UV index 3 or moderate.
Friday night
Partly cloudy. Wind northwest 20 km/h. Low minus 10.
Mainly cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries. Wind north 20 km/h becoming light late in the morning. High minus 4.
Saturday night
Cloudy periods. Low minus 9.
A mix of sun and cloud. High plus 4.
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Sunny. High 6.
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A mix of sun and cloud. High 6.
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Cloudy with 60 percent chance of rain showers or flurries. Low zero.
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Cloudy with 40 percent chance of rain showers or flurries. Low plus 1.
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