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Jan 19 (13h, 53m) by David Brownrigg from P19 
Trails Skied: 45, 46 [6.4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: polar binder and blue extra for grip
Surprisingly good conditions at Pinegrove this morning. Had been avoiding the Green Belt since last week's big rains on Friday. It seems the snow storm that followed the rain was enough to rejuvenate the trails. Good skier made tracks with some icey spots particularly on the 45F. Other than that my outing was fast and effortless. Blue extra wax worked flawlessly.
Jan 19 (14h, 40m) by Nancy Shaver from P2 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Conditions were actually pretty good here, considering the less than perfect weather lately. The snow is still in good shape, and the skier-made tracks are decent considering they are 3 days old. The base is of course thin here as it is everywhere, but very few icy patches, and those that are there are either easily bypassed or have enough snow on them to not be dangerous. The city "danger, keep out" barrier is still blocking the path where it crosses Davidson's side road, but there is no danger, the creek crossing is fine currently (and it doesn't look like it even flooded with the last thaw), just use your judgement if you ski through there once it starts warming up.
Jan 18 (2d, 12h) by David Brownrigg from P1 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: polar as a binder and blue for grip
This report covers the Larose Forest trails from the Bourget side of the park at P2. All XC trails have been groomed since last week's rain and subsequent snow fall. The east/ west trail for classic with sections for skate and the north / south trails for skate with a single classic track are all done. There's some icey and dirty sections here and there but nothing too serious. The skiing was fast and effortless, highly recommended! Condition reports can be had by checking Foret Larose Forest on Facebook.
Jan 15 (4d, 10h) by Nancy Shaver from P4 
Trails Skied: 21, 22 [4.7km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
This report is from yesterday, SUNDAY JAN. 14th. The snow was in good shape but unfortunately there had been pedestrian traffic on 22 which had sunk into the base when it was soft from the rain, and left large icy irregular holes where it froze back up. Trail 21 was better, little to no pedestrian traffic on that one, and the bike path to Robertson Rd. was even better still.
Jan 15 (5d, 12h) by Tom Conklin from P19 
Trails Skied: 45, 46 [6.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: pine needles, leaves and twigs (-8 to -12)
CLASSIC: From the sounds of the other reports, this is probably one of the best places to ski classic in the region. Apparently the south end got a whole lot more snow than the rest of Ottawa-Gatineau. The skier-made tracks were fairly deep and consistent. There is slippage (tracks get wide or disappear) in many places and a few spots with ice or slushy ice. Overall, considering the weather, this is still a great place to ski.

TRAFFIC: There were one or two other groups there when we skied.

WEATHER: It is still pretty cold but layers and being in the woods makes it quite manageable.
Jan 10 (1w, 3d) by Nancy Shaver from P11 
Trails Skied: 26 [4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
From P11 I did trail 26 (including the southern loop) and the Jack Pine trail. Conditions were mostly great on 26, a little pedestrian traffic close to the parking lots, but it didn't really wreck the (ungroomed) trail. The Jack Pine trail is a snowshoe/hiking trail so no skier tracks, but it was still easy and pleasant going. Very little debris anywhere.
Jan 7 (2w, 5d) by Tom Conklin from P18 
Trails Skied: 44, 45 [7.3km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: -10 to -18
ROUTE: Most of 44 and about half of 45.

CONDITIONS: The amount of trail trash (pine needles, bark, leaves, pine cones and twigs) is unbelievable, probably because of the winds we have had. It is almost everywhere except the back side of 44. You could still make decent progress but there was considerable drag in many places. Going slower certainly made progress easier. The tracks on 44 are clear, but are falling apart. They are washed out in many places. The track set on 45 has made that trail much better to negotiate than 44. There is a lot of trail trash on 45 as well.

TRAFFIC: There were around 10 cars in the lot but there was very little traffic on the trails. I met 2 or 3 sets of people, but there was no problem passing.
Jan 4 (2w, 1d) by Tom Conklin from P18 
Trails Skied: 44, 45 [7.3km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: -7 to -10
ROUTE: Did 44 from P18, across Hawthorne and a piece of 45. Grooming on 45 is much better but is starting to fall apart because of recent snow and use. 44 is fine but it is only skied in. You really notice the difference when you go from 45 to 44 so if you like to have a groomed trail, park at P19.

TRAFFIC: Ten cars at P18, but very little traffic on 44 or 45.

WEATHER: Really nice (-8) and quite humid, so it felt just a little bit warmer than when it was really cold a couple of days ago (that could have been the lack of layers this time!). The new snow was more beautiful than troublesome.
Jan 3 (2w, 2d) by David Brownrigg from P23 
Trails Skied: 50, 51 [9.1km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue
Much better conditions compared to yesterday at Mer Bleu. Milder temps and good tracking courtesy of all the skiers out today on both 50 and 51. The underlying groomed base on 51 is much better with yesterday's 5 cms of new snow packed down into the tracks. The outhouse facility at P23 is now open for the winter. Was closed last year....
Jan 2 (2w, 3d) by Nancy Shaver from P2 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
It's a 5-flake day in the western greenbelt! Fresh fluffy snow and no pedestrian or animal traffic yet, a few other skiers out and they had carved a decent trail. No wind, still cold but I didn't really feel it.
Jan 2 (2w, 3d) by David Brownrigg from P20 
Trails Skied: 51, 52 [7.5km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: polar
Trail # 53 at P21 still has no sign of XC tracks. All walked on, at least from the parking lot into the forest. Skied 51 and 52 instead. There's still a good underlying groomed base. The only reason I gave the conditions a 'fair' rating was due to a snow storm that filled in the tracks which made for a slow going.
Dec 31 (3w, 5d) by Tom Conklin from P19 
Trails Skied: 45 [4.2km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: -10 to -18
CLASSIC: Quick jaunt out from Leitrim this time. The track set is still pretty solid though it is starting to get ragged in places with all the traffic.

WEATHER: Layers worked again. Try it, you may be amazed.

TRAFFIC: No one there when I arrived at 3:15. I passed P18 and it looked like it had about 5 cars in the lot.
Dec 30 (3w, 7d) by Tom Conklin from P18 
Trails Skied: 44, 45, 46 [9.5km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: -8 to -15
ROUTE: Started at P18 and did pretty much all of 44 then crossed Hawthorne and did almost all of 45 and what the tree markers call 46. Overall the route was high on the chocolate and cheese ball calorie consumption scale: a good workout of pretty good length.

CLASSIC: The tracks on 44 are skied in and quite good for the most part. Some people are walking on the ski tracks but overall they are consistent. There is a lot of trail trash (leaves, needles and sticks etc.) some of which gets lodged in your ski wax. Trail 45 has been track set and it is really quite good, with the exception of some trail trash. If you want to ski only on track set trails, use P19 on Leitrim.

TRAFFIC: There were a couple of cars at 9AM and about 6 cars at 10:30.

WEATHER: It is still cold but with layers and a good hat and mitts it really is quite comfortable. I wore long johns, running pants and two upper layers with my thin running coat and I was actually sweating a bit at the end. My toes were a bit cold but nothing horrible. Take a chance on a cold day like this and you may be surprised how comfortable it is.
Dec 29 (3w, 10h) by David Brownrigg from P1 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: polar
This report covers the Larose Forest trails from the Limoges/Indian Creek Road area, parking lot # 1. Grooming for both classic and skate were done this Wednesday. Tracking is good with only a few shallow or broken spots. The going was a bit slow due to the cold making the snow starchy and abrasive. Winds were light and only evident on my way back to P1.
Dec 28 (3w, 1d) by David Brownrigg from P19 
Trails Skied: 45, 46 [6.4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: polar
When it's super cold with wind I always ski Pine Grove. The mostly forested trails act as a very effective wind barrier. That was definitely the case today. An added bonus was finding recently groomed trails. Only 1 or 2 skiers when I started out at 2:00 but a lot more folks and a few families as well towards 3:00.
Dec 27 (3w, 3d) by David Brownrigg from P20 
Trails Skied: 51, 52 [7.5km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: green
Skiing has returned to the main trail at P20, Anderson Road. My report last week indicated some sort of work going on at the trail head leading into the forest that was disrupting skiing. That appears to have stopped for now but a large construction waste bin is still near the parking lot. There are now good deep skier made tracks on both sides of the trails covering the entire circuit of the 51 and 52. Very cold, but sunny with minimal wind. Dress in layers, enjoy!
Dec 26 (4w, 4d) by Tom Conklin from P18 
Trails Skied: 44 [3.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: -10 to -15
CLASSIC: Short ski on 44. There is lots of snow and it has been fairly well skied-in but the tracks are not solidly set yet. There is basically one set of tracks on 44 but there are many spots where another set could be easily added. It would be great to have it track set soon.

WEATHER: It is cold but the wind isn't up so with layers you can make it quite comfortable.

TRAFic; Lots of people out, hiking, snow-shoeing and skiing but people are respecting the various trails.
Dec 24 (4w, 5d) by Terry Gray from P3 
Trails Skied: TCT [2.7km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Actually started out at Watts Creek Pathway from Corkstown Rd and Moodie. It was about -10* with no wind - perfect day for skiing. The WCP had fresh snow but no grooming and very little in the way of ski tracks, so it was pretty slow going. Snow coverage was still thin - no bare patches but my poles were hitting pavement. Turned into the woods past the equestrian park and took the trail to P3 parallel to 106 and the railroad tracks. This trail had been freshly groomed for both skate and classic and was in great shape.
Dec 24 (4w, 6d) by Nancy Shaver from P4 
Trails Skied: 21, 22 [4.7km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Conditions today are as good as they ever get on the western Greenbelt trails. I did 21 and 22 today, there had been no pedestrian traffic yet to wreck the trails (although one hiker was setting out just as I reached the parking lot), and several previous skiers had carved a very straight and smooth trail.
Dec 23 (4w, 7d) by Tom Conklin from P18 
Trails Skied: 44 [3.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: -7 to -15
CLASSIC: Good conditions on solid skied-in tracks. The new snow is covering the tracks quickly but there were enough people out today to keep things clean. There are no bare spots but the poles do hit ground though through a solid base.

TRAFFIC: There were 4 or 5 cars in the lot at 1:45 and we met up with 2 or 3 groups.

WEATHER: Really comfortable with no wind evident in the woods.
Dec 22 (4w, 13h) by David Brownrigg from P1 
Trails Skied: 10 [4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: green
This report covers the Larose Forest trail from P1 on Indian Creek Road. Trails are still be being packed down as more snow depth is required. No classic tracking except for a single, shallow skier made track which I improved with several passes. Skied the loop only and not the full trail towards Bourget. I managed to ski alongside a groove in the snow from the groomer which added some stability and control. Not a bad ski overall. Green grip wax worked flawlessly...
Dec 21 (4w, 2d) by David Brownrigg from P23 
Trails Skied: 51 [3.8km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: green
Intended to ski the 53 at Dolman ridge to the boardwalk but found an unskiable, walked on, and iced over trail. Opted for 51 at Ridge. Nice skier made tracks, but a bit of an icey glaze as well. First pass was fast, slippy and crunchy as I broke up the thin ice film, but subsequent passes were snowier with better grip. Recommend use of a binder as most of my wax was completely stripped towards the end of my run.

About Skiing in the Green Belt..

The National Capital Greenbelt has over 100km of trails and another 25km of recreational pathways, most of which are suitable for cross-country skiing in the wintertime. All of the trails are suitable for beginner and family outings.

Thanks to the Nakkertok Nordic Ski Club, Orleans Nordic Ski Club and Kanata Nordic Ski Club for their volunteer grooming of various Green Belt trails from time to time. The city of Ottawa and the NCC would like to encourage urban skiing, so if you appreciate the grooming let your councilor, the city and the NCC know!

ONSC grooms The Hornet's Nest (Tauvette street to Montreal Rd), Mer Bleue and Pine Grove Forest (the section off Leitrum Rd). Trails are classic skiing ONLY, no skating is allowed on these trails. The Hornet's Nest is groomed at least weekly and the others as time permits. Updated trail conditions are available at the snow phone; 613-837-SNOW.

General Info: Trail Descriptions and Driving Directions | Trail Maps |

Green Belt Trails Legend

10P2-Carling Ave4
11P3-Corkstown Rd1.5
12P3-Corkstown Rd2.7
20P4-Trimm Dr3
21P4-Trimm Dr2.3
22P4-Trimm Dr2.4
22P4-Trimm Dr2.4
23-2.7kmP5-Eagleson Rd2.7
23-2.3kmP5-Eagleson Rd2.3
TCTTrans Canada Trail (old Railroad) Eagleson - Robertson2.7
24P5 or P63
25P6-Richmond Rd3.5
P8P8-Moodie Dr1.5
26-1.5kmP9-Moodie Dr1.5
26-2.2kmP9-Moodie Dr2.2
26P10-Hunt Club Rd4
27P10-Hunt Club Rd2.7
28P11-HWY 4162
29P12-HWY 4162.8
ONSC TrailsONSC Trails5
40 1.8
42 2.9
50 5.3
51 3.8
52 3.7


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