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How to Read Trail Reports

The ski season is short, and the conditions fleeting. To take advantage of the best skiing you need up to date reports. That's were this site comes in handy thanks to volunteer trail reporters. We aim to answer that pressing question:

"What is the skiing like today?"

If you feel that you can regularly contribute reports, are capable of filling out an online form with ease then send us an email. We're especially looking for adventurous skiers who frequent the less popular but equally enjoyable areas - Mooney's Bay, the Green Belt, Nakkertok and Kanata's Westley Clover Park.

Each skier will have a unique perspective on the skiing conditions. It's import to read everything carefully and remember that while someone reported something, it might change quickly.

What are all those icons about?"

To pack in as much info as possible the title line of each report contains a lot of information in icons. Here's how to understand them.

Feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions, etc..



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