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Dec 9 (12h, 3m) by Jo-Ann Holden from P5 grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy [12.9km], Glide Wax: Violet Swix, Grip Wax: K19
Lovely mid winter conditions! Where did all that snow come from?! Great classic conditions. Snow was a bit soft and slow, but who can complain!
Dec 9 (12h, 13m) by David Brownrigg from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy [12.9km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue VR30
Comfortable sub-zero temps, 10cms of new snow, fresh grooming and easy waxing! What more is there to say?! Mid-winter like conditions for us classic die-hards and an early X-mas present. Enjoy!
Dec 8 (1d, 5h) by Karl Saidla from P5 grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [19.6km], Glide Wax: Rode GLF 40 Red, Grip Wax: Rode Topline VXPS or Rode Violet
I went for a surprisingly good ski on the parkway from P5 at this morning. Thing had firmed up considerably and the skate lanes and classic tracks, while thin, were in quite good shape. Then, this evening, we got about 12 cms of snow by my measurement, which I understand did not happen in the city. I would say that starting Friday, the parkways will be in close to mid-winter condition.
Dec 8 (1d, 6h) by Ingrid Hagberg from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy [4km], Glide Wax: Rode Blue, Grip Wax: Rode Violet, covered with Rode Viola multigrade
Went for a quick ski this evening during the snow squalls. Seems like we got a significant amount of snow today that covered up all the bare spots. Most places there was enough snow depth that my poles only hit pavement on the more open parts of the parkway. As for grip, Rode Violet was icing quite a lot, but covering it with the colder Viola multigrade helped a bit. Most people seemed to be icing up with the new snow, so I'm not sure what the ideal grip combination would have been, but I imagine that shouldn't be a problem once the snow settles overnight. I still wouldn't take race skis out on the trails, but we've got a good base established.
Dec 8 (2d, 12h) by David Brownrigg from P5 grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy [11.5km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue extra then universal klister
A rather pleasant ski from P5 to Pink Lake this morning. Nice track set conditions with a light dusting of new snow all the way with only a few thin to the pavement sections. Started out rather discouragingly, used blue extra no grip, switched to universal klister too much grip! Snow was clumping under my skis which made it impossible to move. Moved over to the skate lanes rubbed off the snow and voila, perfect grip and glide. Ended up skiing in the trough between the 2 classic lanes which provided at least some control and stability.
Dec 7 (3d, 14h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P6 grooming 
Trails Skied: MacKenzie-King Rd [0.8km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
I didn't mean to give 4 stars to the first report! Definitely still rock ski conditions.
Dec 7 (3d, 14h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P6 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Champlain Pkwy, MacKenzie-King Rd [8.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: K15, then VR70
Another nice ski! A short ski between P6 and P5. Classic with K15 worked well at minus 2, until the last 20 minutes, when the temperature skyrocketed to plus 1. There was a beautiful dusting of fresh snow which, at least for a while, hid any traces of pavement or grass. I was curious about the previous "vandalism" between Mica and P5 but Demsis had done a great job of repairing skate lane and classic tracks , despite thin snow.

Demsis has been doing such a great job with the parkways. Is it time to remove the garbage bags from the signs which warn hikers away from skitrails? I saw two hikers starting on the connector trail at P6, this despite there also being an excellent hiking trail starting at P6. Apparently a skier had told them they could hike on the sides of the ski trail.
Dec 7 (3d, 15h) by Garry Tarr from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [6.5km], Glide Wax: KUU pink, Grip Wax:
Today I decided my legs needed to get used to climbing so I skated from P10 up the Fortune and Champlain parkways. A couple of centimeters of powdery snow fell in the park last night. There had been no fresh grooming, but a Demsis service snowmobile came by slowly enough that the drag did a good job of grooming the skate lane- no ruts for a change! (Thank you Demsis). My poles hit pavement about half the time, but there were no significant bare patches. Glide was excellent, and control good. I turned around at Huron Lookout since the coverage was starting to get a bit thin on the exposed ridge, but I think with a bit of care it would have been easy to continue to the Champlain Lookout. By the time I descended temperatures were starting to poke above the freezing point, so classic waxing will be problematic this afternoon. Overall conditions are well worth the drive from Ottawa.
Dec 6 (3d, 4h) by Peter Tregunno from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , North Loop [4.8km], Glide Wax: No idea, who waxes rock skis anyways?, Grip Wax:
Given that there was only 12 cm of snow Monday - compacted down to 2 to 3 cm at best, the North Loop was quite good. Yes there were places where the pavement was showing. And yes, they're easy to see even at night without a light. Maybe roller skiing poles (or sharpened tips) would be a good idea? The classic tracks are a writeoff - dirt, grass and ice interspersed with snow doesn't look like it makes for good skiing. All in all a good night ski to start the season - lots of people out and good headlamp etiquette on display.
Dec 6 (3d, 11h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P8 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: Storage Wax!, Grip Wax:
Conditions were pretty amazing for skate skiing while we were out. However one edgy skier (not from our group!) removed quite a few chunks of snow from the parkway, so if you are skiing in the dark, watch out, and do use rock skis. The classic waxing was apparently a bit tricky at that hour as the temperatures were around "classic hell", as Garry calls it. The classic tracks were also variable, from excellent to scary-thin. It is great to be out skiing again! I had forgotten how beautiful it is to be surrounded by snow.
Dec 6 (4d, 14h) by Karl Saidla from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy [4km], Glide Wax: Rode GL 40 Red, Grip Wax: Rode Violet
Skied for a bit this morning but only used Fortune Parkway. It was groomed quite well for skate and classic, but you will want to know that it is thin and not that firm yet, with bare patches here and there and poles still hitting the pavement. Classic skiing worked very well this morning with some Rode Violet, but I am sure that won\'t be the case anymore. Skating looked good...but be light on your edges or you will go through in places.
Dec 6 (4d, 15h) by Garry Tarr from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: CH8, Grip Wax:
I set out to do a couple of skate passes of the Doldrums but conditions were so good I stayed out for three laps. Demsis had groomed again this morning, and done an excellent job, particularly on the skate lane. There were a couple of places where overly energetic skaters had pushed the snow off the pavement, but these were easy to avoid. When I started the glide was great and the new corduroy perfect for technique drills. By the time I finished the snow was starting to warm and I could hear it forming snowballs under my skis, which were now noticeably slower. However, it\'s still amazingly good out there. Classic waxing may be tricky (I heard one recommendation for pine tar...), and the classic tracks have some bare patches. Poles will go through to pavement quite frequently. Overall conditions are remarkably good considering the groomed, compressed snow is only a couple of centimeters deep.
Dec 6 (4d, 16h) by Craig Storey from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy [1.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
NCC is reporting that vandals have ruined the grooming between Penguin and Mica. (I suspect that means a car or truck went for a joy ride on the parkways) They want skiers to be aware that the trails are not good in that section but they are trying to repair the damage but that there\'s minimal snow to work with. If you skied that section a first hand report/pictures would be appreciated.
Dec 6 (4d, 16h) by Ken Trischuk from P19 grooming 
Trails Skied: #50 [14.7km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
A quick update from P19 from last night(Dec 5). I had the day off and decided - if the snow was pretty good in the southern part of the park - it must be better higher up. Made the drive and discovered a nice blanket of about 10 cm of light dry snow. No fresh grooming but the crews had been in on skidoos to the huts so there was a smoothed, compacted lane on one side. Skied on waxless skis into the huts and circled around. A few thin spots here and there but overall pretty good. Once the tracks hit the gravel parts of the roads... well, you started to hit the gravel. The base was probably decent enough to skate but you might break through here and there. The snow was probably not deep enough to groom classic tracks without carving down to the asphalt. Probably not worth the drive to ski but if you are going to stay at one of the huts you can now pull a sled! More snow later in the week should help with the skiing.
Dec 5 (4d, 9h) by Garry Tarr from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [6.5km], Glide Wax: CH8, Grip Wax: Swix blue extra
I classic skied the FP and then the CP to the Lookout this afternoon. The groomer passed while I was ascending the FP, and had completed a loop of the Parkways (including the Lookout) by the time I finished skiing. The grooming greatly improved the conditions, providing two classic tracks on each side and a skate lane. I estimate 8cm of fresh dry powder had fallen in the park over night and through the morning. After grooming the snow depth in the classic tracks was probably no more than a few millimeters, but taking care to avoid a few bare spots I did not ground out. A few skaters were ascending as I returned, and seemed to be having no problems despite the limited snow depth. I did notice a few places where their edges had broken through to pavement, so I'd continue to use rock skis for now. Overall conditions on the Parkways are quite good for early season.
Dec 5 (4d, 12h) by Ian Naish from P10 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 [13.6km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: v40 blue extra
Temperature was -4c; no wind. Very few people had been out and there was a bit of trail breaking required heading up the FLP. The fresh snow was wet and it was a bit less than had fallen in our part of the city. Once on Trail 1 there was even less snow. Once we had climbed Khyber we could hear the intermittent scraping on the ski bases as we moved along all the way to Huron. The Champlain Parkway was better, with just a couple of places with exposed asphalt. The descent to P10 on the FLP was very slow, but at least there were no more scrapes. I think we need a good 7 to 10 more cm of snow to develop a reasonable base.
Nov 28 (2w, 4d) by David Brownrigg from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy [4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: universal klister
Still fair conditions on the FLP for classic. The first stretch from P10 to beyond the curve/guard rail is pretty rough. I almost turned around and went back but 2 walkers mentioned that conditions were better further up. Klister wax worked ok, the skier made tracks were somewhat glazed and hardened here and there with nice packed snow stretches. Best get out today if you can, forecast for the rest of the week doesn't look good...
Nov 27 (2w, 6d) by Sheila Kealey from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 (blue) [14.7km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Ski conditions in the Gatineau Park today were much better than expected! Starting from P10 is your best bet. From P10 to Champlain there's a mix of icy surfaces, some thin, and dry snow cover, but after Champlain lookout conditions improve dramatically along Trail 1 towards McKInstry. Worth the trip, especially if you venture beyond Champlain Lookout.
Nov 26 (2w, 6d) by Karl Saidla from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [12.1km], Glide Wax: Rode GLF 40 Red, Grip Wax:
Conditions were still pretty reasonable today. It was somewhat slushy with some pavement showing here and there as we climbed from P10, with a semblance of classic tracks still available in most places. There was more snow and less slush higher up and Ridge Road was clearly skiable although certainly bumpy.
Nov 25 (2w, 8h) by Sheila Kealey from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy [4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Short evening ski from P10. Surprisingly good conditions! Coverage was good, poles weren't hitting the pavement and groomer had been by. There seemed to be more snow as we climbed but it was hard to tell in the dark and fog!
Nov 25 (2w, 11h) by David Brownrigg from P10 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy [4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: purple
Classic skiers today will find good 2 day old tracks on the FLP. 5 cms of fresh snow have really improved conditions. Only drawback for me was waxing. No grip, used blue extra, then purple with no luck. Temps right at zero and wet snow.. should've used klister..
Nov 25 (2w, 15h) by Garry Tarr from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: CH8, Grip Wax:
I did a couple of skate passes of the Doldrums this morning. Chelsea had received about 5 cm of snow yesterday (powdery stuff,not slush) which covered the previous grooming on the Parkway quite well. There had been no fresh grooming overnight, but grooming would probably have been a bad idea. Coverage was good in most places, with a few strips of pavement visible where the the road is exposed to the wind and snow had been blown away. In most places my poles did NOT hit pavement. The temperature was just below freezing, creating grip wax problems for those skiing classic, but glide was quite good skating. The snow was noisily scrunching up under my skis as I travelled- snowball snow! Overall it was a good early season ski. For those who can escape work this afternoon it's worth the trip up from Ottawa. It's quite likely conditions are even better higher up on the ridge. Temperatures are rising, so I'm not sure how long the favorable conditions will last.
Nov 25 (2w, 19h) by Arno Turk from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [7.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Thursday Evening ski. Skate skiing was surprisingly good for my first ski of the year. It looked like the groomer had recently packed it down again. My poles felt like the were hitting the pavement around the Fortune Lake swamp for a bit. My ski compressed down to the pavement only once, and that was on this same section. Ridge road had been groomed but not trackset. The short section I skied was lumpy as to be expected with this little snow.
Nov 24 (2w, 1d) by David Brownrigg from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue extra
with more snow coming down decided on another pass of the doldrums this morning. No grooming, but a few skiers had made tracks on the grassy shoulders which proved adequate. The parkway is still too thin. Poles go down to the pavement. Hope we don\'t get the rain forecasted for Friday and Saturday..
Nov 24 (2w, 1d) by Don Fugler from P12 grooming 
Trails Skied: #2 (from #40 to #1), #33, #40, #21 [8.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Did the short loop - 40, 33, 21,2 - with the new snow. There were no other skiers there but all the trails were smashed flat by walkers. There must have been a busload of students this morning, judging by the way they threw themselves into snow banks. Every trail I took, plus 38, had been walked on by at least a dozen people. It did provide a bit of packing and a modicum of glide. The loop was quite pleasant. Be cautious on the downhills, due to footprints, heavy snow, and the odd rock. High speed descents are not recommended but a shallow snowplow is possible.

Let's hope for more snow and less foot traffic.
Nov 24 (2w, 2d) by Ian Naish from P10 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, #1 [11.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: v40 blue extra
left P10 at 10:20. Classic conditions were slow, with new wet snow and snow continuing to fall in moderately windy conditions. Just a few blades of grass visible on the classic track on the climb. Quite a few skiers out: an even split between skate and classic. The one classic track was in so-so shape, needing a few more users; the skate area seemed to be okay, but also looked like a bit of work to skate on. Air temperature was around -4C.
Nov 24 (2w, 2d) by Karl Saidla from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [14.6km], Glide Wax: Rode GLF 40 red, Grip Wax: NA
Conditions are, of course, improving as we speak. I would call the conditions I experienced this morning good rock skiing once again. Snow is piling up on top of what is in some places an icy and slushy base. Skating and classic worked pretty well, although nothing was groomed yet.
Nov 23 (2w, 2d) by Sheila Kealey from P10 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy [4km], Glide Wax: NA, Grip Wax: NA
Conditions have deteriorated quite a bit since yesterday. Conditions were inconsistent, but mainly hard and icy, with stretches of pavement showing. Although there are a few good sections to ski on, you've got to navigate some ice or pavement to get to them!
Nov 22 (2w, 3d) by David Brownrigg from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: swix universal, Grip Wax: blue extra
not much change from yesterdays conditions out on the doldrums. Its skiable but the tracks are not consistent with skier made tracks all over the place. There are sections with a good base/track and fresh snow which made for reasonably fast conditions. Blue extra didnt work all that well. Temps were in the zero range...
Nov 22 (3w, 4d) by Karl Saidla from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [6.5km], Glide Wax: Rode GLF 40, Grip Wax: N.A.
"Good rock skiing' conditions today. There is a somewhat slushy and reasonably firm base with 5-10 cm of more powdery on snow on top where it has not been skied in or packed with some sort of machinery. There are reasonably good skied in classic tracks in most places and the skating is a bit bumpy but fairly good overall.
Nov 22 (3w, 4d) by Ken Trischuk from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy [4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Skied from P10 up to the T on waxless skis. Conditions were pretty good considering how much snow is there. The base was wet but had frozen up to provide a solid base with fresh snow building on top. Classic tracks had been groomed but were filling with fresh snow as I skied. Poles would hit the asphalt so the "outside" lane on the grassy shoulder provided firmer pole placement. I didn't break through to asphalt anywhere but I could see that potentially happening particularly if you are skating and/or it warms up enough to soften the base.

All in all a pretty decent evening ski. Room for improvement with a little more snow over the next few days but definitely worth the trip up to the park to get back on the boards and shake off the cobwebs.
Nov 21 (3w, 4d) by David Brownrigg from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: Universal, Grip Wax: blue extra
Doldrums were serviceable with an underlying classic base with a cm or 2 of fresh falling snow. Had to move from one side of the parkway to the other to find optimal conditions as tracks tended towards thin with pavement showing through or slushy. Sections with tracks on the grassy shoulders offered the best conditions. More of an exercise ski, but not complaining. Hope the snow keeps coming this week!
Nov 21 (3w, 5d) by Karl Saidla from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Champlain Pkwy [9.5km], Glide Wax: N.A., Grip Wax: N.A.
I skied (skate) from P5 along Gatineau and Champlain parkways about as far as the Black Lake climb. Conditions were suprisingly good. Some wet snow on the bottom is freezing up, making for a fairly firm base. Everything I skied had been groomed over night for both classic and skate. There is fresh snow on top that is filling in the classic tracks and your poles will still go through the to pavement (and you skis also, the odd time)but obviously nobody can complain.

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