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Jan 19 (12h, 22m) by Garry Tarr from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1, #1 (green) (#2 - #24), #1 (blue) [23.8km], Glide Wax: CH7, Grip Wax:
I got one of the last parking spots at P10 around 11AM. I skated up the FP, then west on Ridge Road past Huron and out to the furthest intersection with #24. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fresh grooming continued all the way out to McKinstry. Despite the lack of a recommendation for "blue 1" on the NCC website, conditions on this section were excellent. There was one well-formed classic track on the right side of the trail and a very wide skate lane. Fresh corduroy, temperatures just below freezing and very high humidity gave very fast glide but control was still great. There were a few icy snow clumps in the lane on hills with southern exposure, but nothing to be concerned about. Near McKinstry there was a small depression where water had run across the road, but it didn't pose a significant obstacle. In some sections the snow cover was thin enough that the groomer had not set a classic track. I only saw one exposed rock,and it was easily avoided. Grooming did not extend past McKinstry. On my return I detoured out to the Champlain Lookout and took the CP and FP back to P10. I found almost no snow coverage over the ice on the exposed parking lot at Champlain. The same icy conditions were found at the top of the hill near the Etienne Brule lookout. Ridge Road between the FP and Huron had a polished surface with little texture. As noted yesterday, there are icy sections in the Khyber Pass and also on Ridge near Huron. Overall it was a great day for the first skate run to McKinstry this season. Classic looked good too.
Jan 19 (15h, 56m) by Tom Conklin from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [6.5km], Glide Wax: -5 to -10, Grip Wax:
SKATE: Very solid track with some loose and soft snow to make control easy. Very good glide up the parkways. Closer to Champlain Lookout there is a very icy base that comes to the surface often. This has softened up because of the warm temperatures, but there are significant ruts that will become more of an issue as the weather gets even warmer.

CLASSIC: The tracks appear to be getting worn down and are very icy. Lots of people were making good progress going uphill. Many people had one ski out of the track on the downhill, I assume because of the very fast conditions.

TRAFFIC: Easy commute from south Ottawa today. No slowdowns on Colonel By or Sussex. P10 was half full at 10 and people were starting to use the middle of the lot when I left around 11:15.

WEATHER: Warm, but still cool enough for the snow to retain its structure. It seemed quite humid with a bit of a mist in the air to icy up the glasses a bit.
Jan 18 (1d, 8h) by Elisabeth Fink from P5 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [19.6km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Beautiful conditions on the parkways this late afternoon. Skied from P5 to Mica, then up the Champlain parkway, about halfway up King Mountain. It seemed to have been groomed last night, with some fresh powder snow on top. Skate had a hard base, in places the skies would catch the underlying frozen cordroy. But the loose top made for a good ski. Classic tracks were iced up, so very fast downhills. Some people out, but not much traffic at all. There is a small detour off the parkway after MacKenzie King road, not sure why but it's definitely well marked. Off the Kingsmere bridge at P5 there's also some grit and a bit of dirt on the parkway. So I took it slow on the way back down to P5 to see exactly where my skies went.

Halfway up Black's, a coyote came out of the woods 20 m away, first came towards me and then decided to run away downhill. On my way back, the same coyote ran past me again up the hill, as another skier had been approaching from below. It seemed little scared of people, but coming down King Mountain in fast tracks with a coyote running towards me was certainly interesting. Luckily it just ran past me and neither of us got hurt.

Weather was nice and warm with -4, light snow falling, overcast. P5 was very little busy when I got there around 3:30 and even less so when I left at 5 pm. Definitely a beautiful day to be out!
Jan 18 (1d, 9h) by Garry Tarr from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 [13.6km], Glide Wax: CH7, Grip Wax:
I went for a late afternoon skate ski from P10 up the FP, along Ridge Road past Huron and then along 1A to the bench above Western. I returned by almost the same route, but took the CP to the FP from Huron. As others have commented the Demsis grooming crew has done an excellent job recovering from last weekend's thaw. Skate conditions on the FP and CP were excellent, with great glide and a loose enough surface to provide good control. The best stretch was 1A from the CP to above Western, where a thin layer of fresh powder over the grooming gave perfect conditions to focus on technique. If I had had more time I would have continued along Ridge to 24- conditions in this area looked really promising. Ridge Road was in generally good condition, but grey ice could be seen under the snow in places (particularly in pine forest between Huron and the Champlain Lookout), and my skis skittered a bit on these patches. The ice patch at the sharp corner in the Khyber Pass that Ian noted this morning is even worse now, with very thin snow cover over ice most of the way through the pass. This made me opt for the parkway on my descent. Overall temperatures just below freezing made for great glide and a very pleasant ski. Tomorrow should bring another great ski day in this area.
Jan 18 (2d, 16h) by Ian Naish from P10 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, #1 [11.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: v40 blue extra
-6C when we left P10 at 09:00, -5C on return at 11:00. Grip wax worked very well after the first 150m. FLP was in good shape, with a light dusting of new snow in the classic tracks. Trail 1 was fair, with quite a bit of debris intermittently. On the return the steep right hand turn on Khyber required attention (see pic) but once round that curve it was a nice fast easily controlled run. FLP was nice and fast all the way from 1 to P10. Quite a few people out today, enjoying the lovely conditions, albeit a bit grey.
Jan 18 (2d, 16h) by Ken Trischuk from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Fortune Pkwy, North Loop, #1 Penguin Climb, #1, #32 [18.4km], Glide Wax: blue, Grip Wax:
A late report from last night. Wanted to go after dinner and park at P10 but - even at 8pm - it was full to overflowing with cars. Decided to relocate around to P5 but essentially did the same loop I had planned - the parkway from P5 to P8 to P9... up the Fortune lake parkway to Ridge and then down Ridge road and Penguin to P5.

Conditions on the parkway were very good with reasonably recent grooming so lots of "surface" to ski on. The little connector (32) from P9 up to P10 was quite icy in spots with a little gravel here and there. If you were going down use caution but climbing I was able to step around the trouble spots.

The Fortune Parkway was...BUSY! I guess everyone was scrambling to get in a ski now that the temperatures have become more reasonable. I had a steady stream of headlamps coming down at me the full length from P10 to Ridge road. Once I turned onto Ridge road the crowds vanished. Ridge hadn't seen any grooming today but the fresh snow over a solid base made it quite nice. As expected Penguin was a little (a lot?) scary icy. Yellow caution tape blocked the top at Wattsfords but I had no other option to get back to my car... so I took things slowly. About halfway down I discovered why it was closed off. A large ice boulder field awaited me at the bottom of one pitch. Required some careful navigation but I was going slowly enough to work my way through it. After that it was just plain icy but manageable.

A nice night out and great to have some warmer temperatures (although the wind was still cutting through when it got the chance). More snow would be appreciated but for now what we have is pretty good.
Jan 17 (2d, 10h) by Elisabeth Fink from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
North loop is in excellent shape. Skied it a few times, starting at an almost full P8 at 3 pm. Skating was perfect, still quite hard but enough skied on to have a non-icy top with a bit of loose snow. Shape of tracks held up great, with icy bottoms in places. Skate skiing was just a fun ski, left nothing to desire!

Weather was just great with -5, some sunny spells. Only a bit of noticable wind, not surprising out on the north loop.
Jan 17 (3d, 13h) by Tom Conklin from P5 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Champlain Pkwy [9.5km], Glide Wax: -7 to -12, Grip Wax:
ROUTE: From P5 up the Gatineau Parkway to the Champlain Parkway and on to the icefalls.

SKATE: Excellent conditions on new grooming with a bit of powder on top. Very fast and enough powder and grooming to make control really easy. One of those great days.

CLASSIC: Tracks are deep, well-formed and many people were making great progress on them.

TRAFFIC: No major slowdowns on Colonel By, Sussex and the bridge over. Only 6 or 7 cars at P5 at 9:30. No more at 11 when we headed home.

WEATHER: Despite the milder temps it was still cold especially when the wind comes up - but that didn't happen much.
Jan 17 (3d, 15h) by Karl Saidla from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, North Loop, #1 [17km], Glide Wax: Rode Blue, Grip Wax: Rode Black Base, Rode Super Blue, Rode Multigrade Violet
A particularly beautiful day to be out with a bit of sun and some light snow coming down. The parkways were in great shape and Ridge Road was also good. There is a hard/abrasive base with some powder on top. For classic I would certainly recommend binder or even a klister base.
Jan 16 (4d, 13h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy [12.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Similar to other reports, conditions were great at P5. Grooming was almost complete, and it felt like spring to have temperatures as warm as minus 14. Great skiing!
Jan 16 (4d, 13h) by David Brownrigg from P5 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [19.6km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: polar as a base and green on top..
Much milder today, and fresh snow but for me conditions were slow as a result of the new snow. Green wax worked flawlessly yesterday on ice hardened tracks but didn't provide as good a grip today. Fresh grooming but only on the south side of the GP from the CP back to P5 with skied in tracks on top of old grooming on the north side. No fresh grooming on the CP towards MK estate roadway. Fresh grooming on both sides of the GP from CP towards Pink.
Jan 16 (4d, 14h) by Craig Storey from P1 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, #5 (green), #7, #15 (blue), #15 (black), #35, Pink Lake Access [27.4km], Glide Wax: Vauhti Blue, Grip Wax: Vauhti Carrot
Great conditions! It was -12C at 9:30am, with 2-4cm of fresh snow on top of the harder base. I skied from Asticou up #5, #15 to #7, around McKenzie King, down to the Champlain parkway, back to #15, down Pink's and back down #5.

The parkways were groomed or being groomed while I was out. They were a nice mix of crushed ice and soft fresh snow. They are firm and easy to ski on now.

The secondary trails were ungroomed. The fresh powder made for nice skiing however. No signs of ice, debris or damage to the trails I skied. The base is firm and level, no rocks poking though. I suspect they will be groomed by a big machine if we get a few more cm of snow this week. Looks like a few nice skiing days coming up!
Jan 16 (4d, 14h) by Ian Naish from P10 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, #1 [11.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: blue extra vr40
Left a rapidly filling P10 parking lot just before 10am. Temp was -14C. A beautiful day for skiing, both classic and skate, with nice fresh snow on top of a firm track. Lots of classic and skate skiers out enjoying the day. One of the two best skis of the season for us so far. The grip wax was perfect on the climbs and the descent down Khyber was a delight with the fresh snow allowing for perfect steering. When we arrived back at P10 it was completely full. I suggest you get out and enjoy the great skiing today if you can.
Jan 15 (4d, 10h) by David Brownrigg from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: polar and green
Conditions on the north loop are good considering the loss of snow and the hard pack icey base. I corked in a 5 layer mix of polar and green, which held up fairly well and provided excellent grip. There were several patches of pure ice but not enough to make for a bad ski. My only other quibbles were leaves in the tracks here and there and the biting wind which was mostly on and off depending on the direction skied. Other than that a fast and easy ski...
Jan 15 (4d, 12h) by Michael Wright from P3 grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy [12.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Skated the Gatineau parkway from P3 to P8 return. Hard packed and fast all the way. Great for a skater to work on their balance. Did not see any grooming today, perhaps because the base is thin.
Jan 15 (5d, 18h) by Karl Saidla from VC grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Champlain Pkwy, #13, Gatineau Pkwy [16km], Glide Wax: Rode Green, Grip Wax: Rode Chola Klister, Rode Blue Klister
We skied last night on the parkways near P5 and P8. The grooming has been very good but it is extremely hard and quite fast in most places for either skate or classic. If you do classic you will want some durable klister. Watch out when you go under the Kingsmere overpass near P5 - there are quite a few small rocks that have spilled over from the road.
Jan 14 (6d, 16h) by Elisabeth Fink from P3 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, #26 [13.3km], Glide Wax: LF4, but almost anything would be fast today, Grip Wax:
Surprisingly good skate skiing today! Starting at P3, the parkway was freshly groomed. The cordroy is a bit iced up in places, but otherwise it was hard packed and fast! Presumably this afternoon after enough traffic the iced up cordroy will become better. Skied onto trail 5 from there, which wasn't recommended but actually better than the parkway! It wasn't freshly groomed, so it was just hard packed, great for skate skiing! Tracks on #5 are invisible in places though.

I connected to the parkway on #26, which doesn't seem to have been groomed since before the snowfall Friday night. So it has about 5 cm loose snow on top but has been skied in. Skier made tracks were there, but nothing set.

Tracks in general looked in good shape, a bit shallow in places. In some places they were nice and solid, in others already iced up as to be expected.

Weather is actually great, with almost no wind! It was -22 when I arrived, parking wasn't busy at all, neither was it when I left at 10:30.

Skiing was definitely better than I had assumed after the rain, it's a great day to get out, this afternoon should be very nice! The forecast for the week looks scary, so ski on snow while it's still there!
Jan 13 (6d, 7h) by Ken Trischuk from P19 grooming 
Trails Skied: #50, #54 (green), #55 (green - shared) [20.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Skied out of P19 today on tough conditions. A dusting of snow and no new grooming. Amazing to see how much the snow pack dropped in the last couple of days. There was still a bit of a classic track to ski in but it was a bit rough. The skate lane would probably be a bit choppy as well with frozen ruts and lumps to navigate. The groomers would likely only pull up gravel if they tried to chop up the ice so we just need more snow.

Skied up to Lusk lake. The skidoos had been up to check on the hut and that had left a nice skiing surface. That said the steeper climbs had a bunch of stones pulled up. I tried to sweep the larger stones off the track but clearly there are more just below the surface waiting to pop up. On the plus side the small creeks didn't jump their banks and wash out the road. They clearly ran high yesterday but stayed in their path.

As I sat at the cabin it was interesting to hear the loud booms as Lusk lake ice was refreezing. Sounded a bit like thunder. It was a nice day out but it sounds like the better skiing was in the southern end of the park.
Jan 13 (6d, 11h) by Michael Wright from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, North Loop, Champlain Pkwy [19.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Skated the parkway loop with an outing to the Champlain Lookout (P8, P9, P10, up Fortune, #1 to the lookout, Champlain parkway, Gatineau parkway). Skating conditions generally good, fairly fast, on a hard base that has been groomed.

I took #1 to the Champlain lookout and planned to return on the parkway, but I didn't like what I saw on the parkway at the lookout. It looked very iced up and dicey. It needs snow. I am not sure a groomer would even try that spot. I opted to return on #1. That was the only real bad area I came across all day.

There is also a frozen lake on the Champlain parkway at the Waterfall trail, but it is well marked with cones.
Jan 13 (7d, 12h) by Karl Saidla from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [14.6km], Glide Wax: Rode Green, Grip Wax: Would try Rode Chola base, Rode Blue Klister,
The parkways in the vicinity of P10 were in remarkably good shape this morning for either classic or skate considering the weather over the past few days. While conditions are generally very hard and icy in many places the grooming was very well done - making for generally consistent tracks.
Jan 13 (7d, 16h) by Tom Conklin from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [6.5km], Glide Wax: -5, Grip Wax:
ROUTE: Went from P10 up to the Champlain Parkway and then over to the Lookout. The latter half of Champlain was not groomed.

SKATE: Well groomed on a very hard base - remarkably, there seems to have been little new snow in the Park. The grooming cleaned up the ice but there was very little depth meaning that the track was very fast. High winds meant that a lot of the new snow was blown off the icy corduroy. On part of the Champlain Parkway, you could actually see the yellow road lines below the ice. Since the track was hard, coming back down was treacherous - there was little snow to give you control. There is also a lot of trail trash (leaves, twigs, needles etc.) on part of both Parkways.

CLASSIC: The classic tracks are deep and are very icy in many places.

WEATHER: It was quite cold and very windy. It was nice to have the wind at your back going up but it made for a cold descent.

TRAFFIC: No one else in P10 when we arrived at 8. The lot was about one third full when we left at around 9:45.
Jan 12 (1w, 13h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P2 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, #29 (shared) [12.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: Hairies
There was much discussion before our training group workout was cancelled. However about 9 stalwarts still decided to go and ski despite the fairly heavy rain. You've heard that old adage about weather and clothing.... The trails ranged from almost icy to quite soft, and from clean to quite dirty. The hairies were awesome! Several others were skating and enjoyed it, except for one "lake" crossing. Swampy areas were becoming pond-like. But the fog! Beautiful! This was quite a short ski, and I was soaked by the time I got back to the car, but the atmospheric scenery made it worthwhile. It was 12 degrees as I drove home! Two hours later, the temperature was almost back to zero! Let's hope for a big dump of snow! More photos at musicianonskis.ca/blog
Jan 11 (1w, 1d) by Karl Saidla from P7 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, #1, #30, #3 [16.9km], Glide Wax: Rode Yellow, Grip Wax: Rode Multigrade Universal Klister
We skied from P7 out Ridge Road to Burma, down Burma to the Fortune Parkway and then home. While slow (with occasional slick and slightly icy patches) conditions were still quite good overall. It is very slow on Burma but at least relatively smooth and firm on the parkways and Ridge Road. If you are going classic skiing, don't ignore reality - hard wax is not going to work.
Jan 10 (1w, 2d) by Elisabeth Fink from P8 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: North Loop, #32, #3 [9.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Excellent conditions this afternoon. Started at P8, up to P9 the parkway was well skied in, but kept in excellent shape. Up trail 32 the bottom was a bit dirty, but it improves drastically after the first sharp turn. Lake Fortune parkway was in great shape, easy skate climb today. Burma (#3) had been very well skied in already, so in particular this first steep climb from the parkway was soft and very uneven. Still a great rollercoaster trail with good step turn practice, but those piles of loose snow might be unpleasant for a night ski. Close to #1 coming from the north there is also some soil coming through on a steep part (see picture).

I went then on to the parkway at Etienne Brule, parkway there to the Champlain lookout was much less skied in and the tracks had iced up a bit from the sun. Taking ridge road back to the Lake Fortune parkway was nice, no major problems.

Weather was perfect with -7 when I got there and -6.5 when I left. When I had reached the lookout, the wind was picking up a bit, making that long descend a bit chilly. Altogether so far the best skate skiing day this season! Since it has to be freezing rain, I'm hoping for enough of it to protect the snow from tomorrow's rain! With another big dump on the way, whatever damage the rain does in the end will get fixed soon it seems.

There's still time to sneak in an evening ski, you won't regret it!
Jan 10 (1w, 3d) by David Brownrigg from P2 grooming 
Trails Skied: #5 (green), #27, #29 (alternative), #29 (shared) [7.6km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue
Excellent classic conditions in the Mont Bleu area this morning. No wind, perfect wax and good tracking. Felt like floating on air! My only quibble was the twigs sticking up out of the tracks on #29 between #5 and the CEGEP. Too bad tomorrow's weather will set things back a bit....
Jan 10 (1w, 3d) by Ian Naish from P12 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: #2 (blue), #2 (from #40 to #1), #9, #40, #20, #21 [14.3km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: vr40 extra blue
I can echo the comments of the other posters today. Temperature was perfect, around -10C and groomed trails (2,40) were excellent. Back country trails 21, 20 and 9 were challenging, with very soft poling areas and evidence of many skiers wiping out on descents,especially on trail 9, including us (no points for artistic merit judging from the silhouettes). Trail 9 between 20 and 1 had two rocks showing on the short, very steep, climb heading towards 1. The snow was moist and heavy on the back trails, but very enjoyable except when tips caught the snow outside the track. The run back down 2 was excellent, with a firm corduroy, but still very easy to control descent.
Jan 10 (1w, 3d) by Craig Storey from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 Penguin Climb, #1, #3 [21.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
It doesn't get better than today. It was one of those skiing days you dreak about: -10C at 9am, no wind, fresh grooming on Ridge and the parkways, everything packed full width and fast snow. What more could you ask for? Ok, a full day off would be nice. But sneak away if you can. Your not feeling well and NEED to see a GP! A couple of hours is a sure cure for that snow flu that's going around.

Burma was yesterday's grooming, in good condition and holding up well. At 9am there were only 2 cars at P5 and by 11am it was full.
Jan 10 (1w, 3d) by Karl Saidla from P7 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #1, #30, #1 (green) (#2 - #24), #3 [14.9km], Glide Wax: Rode Blue, Grip Wax: N.A. Would try Rode Multigrade Violet
Pretty much perfection this morning on Ridge Road and the Parkways. It's medium-firm and fast for either classic or skate.
Jan 10 (1w, 3d) by Michael Wright from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, North Loop, #1, #32, #3 [22.7km], Glide Wax: Toko Red, Grip Wax:
Superb conditions, for both classic and skate. Burma is in very good condition now, ready for the year.

If you can make it sometime today or this evening (vs. the next two days), its highly recommended.
Jan 10 (1w, 3d) by Don Fugler from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #1 Penguin Climb, #6 [4.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Did the full Skyline loop for the first time today. Both that trail and the Penguin climb were in perfect mid-winter conditions. Let's hope the rain tomorrow does not do major damage.
Jan 9 (1w, 3d) by Garry Tarr from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 [13.6km], Glide Wax: CH7, Grip Wax:
I had a delightful late afternoon skate ski from P10 up the FP to the intersection with Ridge, up Ridge to Huron, then on the CP to the Champlain Lookout, and back via Ridge and the FP. It was a six star ski! The best feature was watching sunset at the lookout and catching the fabulous fading light over the hills. On the technical side fresh grooming on yesterday's snowfall gave perfect skate conditions, with great glide and great control. The grooming is now excellent on Ridge. I descended in the classic tracks where possible, and these were generally deep and well-formed. The sharp turn in the middle of the Khyber Pass was a bit worn, but I didn't hit any rocks. I didn't see too many other skiers out in the late afternoon, but P8 was still almost full at 3:30PM. Even without fresh grooming tomorrow should be an exceptional skate ski day. Enjoy!
Jan 7 (2w, 5d) by Jo-Ann Holden from P17 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: #53 [8.9km], Glide Wax: Swix Green, Grip Wax: Vauhti Green Fluor
We skied at high noon today, starting from P17 when the temperature had risen from minus 28 all the way to minus 18! The parking lot was packed! We got some good agility training in, dodging pine cones, twigs, squirrel poop, leaves and general debris left over from the last two fairly windy days. There were also two large rocks almost exposed in the skate lane that had been thoughtfully marked with saplings. Over the 9 k section there were a few nice clean treeless sections, but generally the conditions were crappy. The designation "recommended" really does little to describe the reality of the trails. Luckily we were desperate to get some exercise, and had congenial friends to ski with, so despite the poor conditions had a good ski. (Note: the photos didn't show the worst spots).
Jan 7 (2w, 5d) by Ian Naish from P16 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: #50 [14.7km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: v20 green with vr40 blue extra kicker
Still cold (-21C)this morning at 11:00 but wind was a bit lighter than the last few days. Trail 50 was in reasonable shape, but had a fair bit of debris along it, including the climb up from Meech Valley and where there were stands of evergreens (lots of twigs, cones and needles). The track was hard packed and a bit icy in places but the wax worked well. The skate skiers we encountered were moving along very quickly. Very few people at Herridge and Healey at noon, but we met lots of skiers heading west on 50 as we were returning to P16.
Jan 7 (2w, 6d) by Don Fugler from P7 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: #30, #8, #17, #31 [8.5km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
My son-in-law, Tim, had told me that 8 and 17 were in good shape late last week so I wanted to try it out on the last cold day. It was hard-packed and excellent, and the downhills had enough snow to permit slowing. I took the route of 8 first as Tim had done and it is a much nicer route. The descent on 31 is a great ending to the loop.
Jan 6 (2w, 6d) by Don Fugler from P12 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #2 (from #40 to #1), #33, #40, #21 [8.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
An hour of skiing and I didn't even work up a sweat ... I kept to the woodsiest loop I know in the cold winds and it was fine skiing. A new groomer had left a track up the middle of the steep hills on 33, as Ian mentioned. It is not a real problem going up but it makes the steeper descent more narrow and dangerous. The tracks on 40 (both sides!) and 2 were logical and well-placed. Maybe these two groomers should talk.
I was wondering if the ticket collector at the parking lot was really necessary with 5 cars in the lot. Then I saw him redirect two walkers who were preparing to stomp up 40, ignoring all that signage. He earned his keep as far as I am concerned.

About Skiing in the Gatineau Park..

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Gatineau Park is ski paradise! The network of ski trails offer machine groomed skate skiing and classic skiing as well as little groomed backcountry trails. Multiple access points allow skiers to access a variety of terrain and scenery. The NCC offers season or daily pay rates.

For suggestions on where to ski, excellent trail descriptions, photos and maps checkout Michael McGoldrick`s website about recreational xc-skiing in Canada`s National Capital Region (with an emphasis on the Gatineau Park).

The NCC also maintains a grooming report on-line. If you encounter people walking on groomed trails, you are best advised to contact the NCC. They are responsible for the enforcement on this so report those trail wreckers whenever you see them by calling 819-827-2020 (Visitor Centre), or email info@ncc-ccn.ca.


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Observed at: Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier Int'l Airport
Date: 9:00 PM EST Wednesday 1 February 2017
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
Temperature: -7.5°C
Wind Chill: -9
Wind: S 3 km/h
Humidity: 81%
Dew point: -10.2°C
Pressure: 101.4 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Visibility: 24 km
Sunrise: 7:23 EST
Sunset: 17:09 EST
Max -6°C. Min -15°C.

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Ottawa (Kanata - Orléans), ON (Issued: 5:14 PM EST Wednesday 1 February 2017)

Wednesday night
Mainly cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries this evening and after midnight. Clearing before morning. Low minus 16.
A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of flurries in the afternoon. Wind becoming west 20 km/h early in the afternoon. High minus 5.
Thursday night
Partly cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries early in the evening. Wind west 20 km/h becoming light late in the evening. Low minus 14.
Sunny. High minus 6.
Friday night
Clear. Low minus 15.
Sunny. High minus 6.
Saturday night
Cloudy. Low minus 12.
Flurries. High minus 2.
Sunday night
Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 12.
A mix of sun and cloud. High minus 9.
Monday night
Cloudy periods with 30 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 17.
Cloudy with 60 percent chance of snow. High minus 7.