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Mar 23 (8h, 9m) by Ken Trischuk from P19 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #50, #51, #53, #55 (green - alternative) [31.8km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: Vauhti carrot... then tar
Bit of a late day ski out of P19. The sun was warm and the air temperature had warmed up but was still a few degrees below freezing. I did a couple of loops of classic mostly trying to find an appropriate wax with limited success. I might have been better off skating but I somehow managed to forget the longer poles so I opted for classic instead. Snow was a bit slushy in the open sunshine and still hard and icy in the shade so I had grip in some places and nothing in others. Good day to work the arms! My third guess on wax seemed to work best (Tar) but even that could have used some binder as it was slowly scrapped off by the time I got back to the parking lot Such is spring skiing - just glad to be out enjoying the bluebird skies!!

Grooming was excellent considering how much rain fell in the last couple of days. There is a lot of debris (particular in the pine forests) starting to come up to the surface. Sadly the predicted snowfall didn't seem to happen to cover things up so "dirty" snow will probably be the norm for now. More "precipitation" tomorrow so lets hope for a bit of s fresh snow before the mercury starts to climb through the week.
Mar 23 (11h, 30m) by Jo-Ann Holden from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy [12.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
A beautiful sunny day, and by the time we started the temperatures were approaching zero.
As a mortal no-longer-young skier who values control over sheer speed I found the skate conditions extremely variable. It was groomed before the snow had a chance to chill, so was predictably icy in many spots, particularly on the return downhills. Some spots had previously softened enough that heavy skiers had edged tunnels into the snow, but the chilly wind was already starting to firm up the soft sections and make them tricky to negotiate. The uphills, although often icy, were no problem, and some of the sunny sections had softened enough to be enjoyable.
Incidentally, the classic tracks were very shallow, around half as deep as they should have been, a fact that has become more and more evident to me since seeing the state-of-the-art grooming at Ski Nationals earlier this week at Nakkertok.
I shortened my ski and instead took advantage of the sunny weather to talk to other skiers. Fingers crossed for a better ski tomorrow!
Mar 23 (13h, 28m) by Ian Naish from P10 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, #1, #1B, #2 (blue) [13.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: blue extra
Arrived at a full P10 at 10:10 or so, waited 5 minutes to get a parking spot. Air temp was -7C and a brisk wind. Wax worked well for the most part,especially after 300m or so along the FLP. Classic track was very hard, icy in parts and very fast. I had to rewax after much of the grip wax was scraped off on the descent to Western Shelter. In any event, the climb up to 1 involved a fair bit of slippage. The trip back was fast and care had to be taken on the descents to maintain control. Skate skiers were all flying along, so obviously they had excellent conditions. Arrived back at P10 around 12:45, air temp -2C.
One other comment: maybe skiers can consider bringing in a bit of firewood from the sheds. There were 5 people at Western when I arrived, but only two logs inside the cabin. It is a bit icy near the shed, but it's generally not too much effort to bring in a couple of logs.
Mar 22 (2d, 16h) by Tom Conklin from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [6.5km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Just got off the hills (FLP and CP to the Lookout and 1 back to FLP). Considering the weather, conditions were quite good. No grooming but soft snow that allowed for fairly fast progress and easy control even on Khyber. If you don’t mind getting a bit wet skiing is pretty good all things considered. Bring a dry shirt for the ride home.
Only 4 cars in P10.
Mar 21 (3d, 15h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy [1.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Part two: Conditions were awesome on this side of the road! Although it was yesterday's grooming, few skiers had made an impact, and the sun was starting to soften things up. If we'd had more time we would have skied further. Nice spring conditions.
Mar 21 (3d, 15h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P8 grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
I'm submitting two reports as the skiing was a world apart from one side of Meech Lake Road to the other.
I used my classic skin skis while my two diehard skater friends skated. I actually had a good ski, with perfect grip and great glide, but the skating was another story. My friends (who ski multiple times a week in the park) claimed they would not ski again until it was groomed. Although it was plus 3, it was still overcast and the skate lane was quite hard, rutted and generally poor from yesterday's numerous sunny skiers. We were rather surprised that nothing was groomed, as temperatures were cold overnight, and conditions change rapidly at this time of year.
After one pass of the north loop (one was enough)we crossed over to check the conditions heading toward Penguin and Mica. See next report.
Mar 20 (4d, 14h) by David Brownrigg from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 [13.6km], Glide Wax: n/a, Grip Wax: universal klister
Effortless skiing and rocket like speeds this morning with universal klister giving superb grip and glide. No fresh tracks anywhere on my route but not a problem today. Lots of loose snow for control on the downhills. My route was FLP / CP to the Lookout / ridge to #2 and back to FLP via ridge. About 20 cars in P10 when I arrived at around 10:00 and completely full at noon when I left.
Mar 19 (4d, 9h) by Garry Tarr from P16 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #50, #55 (green - shared) [18.1km], Glide Wax: CH7, Grip Wax:
This afternoon I skated from P16 along 50 to 55 green, up 55 green to Taylor Lake, then along 50 to the hill above P19 before returning to P16. There was fresh grooming along the route. At the start the skate lane was quite hard with a few ice lumps embedded in the track and a noticeable Demsis Ridge. Skating was fast, but my skis tended to skitter. As the sun warmed the snow the surface softened almost to the point of being slushy in places, slowing glide but greatly improving edging. The surface then hardened again in the late afternoon, and my skis once again became a bit skitterish. The classic tracks were quite shallow, and in some places there was hardly a classic track at all, which called for a bit of care on fast descents. The snow is generally still quite clean, even in the pine groves (indeed the best skiing was in the shady conifer forest). There is also still an amazing amount of snow- the snow depth on the bridge across the creek at P16 was at least 2 feet! The hill above P16 had been deeply tilled and my final descent was easily controlled, particularly when I hit the slush on the open slope. Overall grooming was about as good as could be expected and I had a great ski. Skiing should be good tomorrow if there is fresh grooming and if you go when the surface is just starting to soften. It's important to read the NCC grooming report since there have been unusual grooming patterns lately- I chose trail 50 today because it had been groomed this morning, while other popular trails like the FLP had not.
Mar 19 (5d, 13h) by Tom Conklin from P10 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1, #1 (green) (#2 - #24), #24 [17.3km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
ROUTE: Up the Fortune Lake Parkway from P10 to the Champlain T and then over to the Lookout, then up 1 to 24 and back by 1, the Champlain Parkway and the Fortune Lake Parkway.

SKATE: Two worlds on this route. Up the FLP to Burma (trail 3) was great. It was fast, and edging was easy because of the light layer of loose snow. The downhill was relatively easy with good control because of the recent grooming and loose snow. The FLP from Burma and the CP from the T to the Lookout was rock hard/icy, rutted and lightning fast on the downhills. Getting an edge was difficult and the ruts made it difficult to keep a line in some places and threatened to catch an edge in others. On 1 from the Lookout to 24 and back the skate lane was perfect. There was recent grooming and a layer of snow that was soft enough to give you a good edge yet it also allowed for really good glide.

TRAFFIC: P10 was almost full around 12:30 with 4 or 5 spots that were filling quickly. The lot was totally full with cars waiting to pounce at 2.
Mar 19 (5d, 14h) by David Brownrigg from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, MacKenzie-King Rd , #15 (black) [23.6km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue extra - polar as a binder
Perfect conditions for a fast classic ski this morning from P8 up the GP to CP, the MKE driveway and back on #15 (black) to the GP. Fresh grooming everywhere with enough loose snow for easy downhill control, sunshine, easy temps and the right wax. Blue extra started giving out though as I approached P8 at around noon. Snow was starting to soften up a bit, especially in the sun. P8 was almost at capacity when I left.
Mar 19 (5d, 14h) by Don Fugler from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #1 Penguin Climb [1.6km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
It was just below freezing when I went up #1. The parkway was rock hard but I did see some skiers making progress. Maybe hairies? The climb on Penguin was softer and in better condition: good for both up and down. I tried a bit of 19 and 6: they were both frozen and rutted with the odd time when you skis punched through the crust. They were not worth taking.

Yesterday I did some crust snowshoeing near the creek at P8. Conditions were very good for backcountry exploring on snowshoes.
Mar 18 (6d, 14h) by David Brownrigg from P2 grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, #5 (green), #27, #29 (alternative), #29 (shared) [19.1km], Glide Wax: universal, Grip Wax: blue extra - polar as a binder
No fresh grooming on the Mont Bleu/Asticou area trails. Tracks were in good shape though, well formed but hardened with some glazing in the sun and snowy in the shaded areas. Blue extra gave optimal grip. Definitely a binder wax day, but still had to re-apply my wax at least once. Not much in the way of loose snow for control on the descents. Skiing is very fast and found myself just poling along most of the time, even on the uphills..
Mar 17 (6d, 10h) by Tom Conklin from P3 grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy [11.5km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
ROUTE: Gatineau Parkway from P3 past the Champlain Parkway turn, up to the top of the hill just before P5 and back the same way.

SKATE: I thought of rating this at 3 snowflakes because the traffic that had gone over the parkway had taken away most of the corduroy that would have been formed by grooming earlier in the day. The track was very hard and very fast. In many places it was hard to edge in on the way up and control was limited on the downhills.

TRAFFIC: P3 was about half full when I got there around 3:30 and it was about a quarter full on the way home. A good portion of these cars were probably for people walking because there were not that many people skiing. Having said that, it is a great time of day because there is good daylight and there is probably less traffic.
Mar 17 (7d, 15h) by Garry Tarr from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [19.6km], Glide Wax: CH7, Grip Wax:
This morning I skate skied from P5 up the GP and CP to Mulvihill, then back on the CP to the Pink Lake lookout before returning to P5. Conditions were extremely fast, but the skate lane had been tilled deeply enough that control was very good. The hard classic tracks offered blisteringly fast descents. Conditions were best where grooming was most recent- on the GP below Mica and the eastern side of the GP nearer P5. I'd wager some of the best skiing may be near P1, P2 and P3, although I didn't venture that far down. Although the surface is a bit hard and there are a few iceballs embedded in the skate lane, it's certainly a great day for skate skiing. The groomers have done a good job after the severe thaw and rain last week. Today the CP was groomed above P6. Get out and enjoy if you can! Conditions should remain good in the coming days so long as there is grooming every morning (that's a hint, Demsis!)
Mar 17 (7d, 18h) by Don Fugler from P12 grooming 
Trails Skied: #2 (from #40 to #1), #33, #40 [6.2km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
The trails had been groomed when the snow was damp so they set hard. Too bad some bozo walked on all 3 trails when the snow was soft and left sporadic deep footprints. On the flats up top, I had to pole as my wax had been scraped off. Zooming along in frozen tracks was being like on a fast T-bar in spring downhill skiing. The descent on 2 and 40 was rapid but controllable.

If you do backcountry skiing to be in the woods, you might want to consider snowshoes in these conditions. I imagine you could walk anywhere on the crust.
Mar 16 (1w, 8h) by Emmanuel Martel from P10 grooming 
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, #9, #22, #34 [13.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: Waxless
Backcountry trails were hard-packed and crusty but not icy. I used waxless skis that worked well. I think that klister covered with a hard wax would not have worked particularly well due to many pieces of bark, conifer needles, and twigs on the tracks. Descents were fast and, at times, I used my poles as a braking mechanism. The snow bridge crossing the creek just past where #9 crosses the racing course has collapsed. The last part of #9 near the chalet at Fortune valley was rutted and had many ice clusters because of a snowmobile that traveled that part of the trail during the warm spell we had recently. #14 and #4 were not recently groomed. The snowpack has compacted enough to make for interesting off-trail skiing. A beautiful day to be out.
Mar 16 (1w, 10h) by Ken Trischuk from P17 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #51, #53 [13.4km], Glide Wax: Blue, Grip Wax:
Late day ski out of P17. After driving past this lot for the last few weeks and seeing it overflowing with cars, today it was half full so I pulled in.

Grooming was good. It had glazed over a bit since the groomer passed so that made for easy glide and fast skiing. There are only a couple of fast descents on that loop and I had no trouble with control as I zipped down them.

I skated the 53-51 loop out past P19 and saw only a few skiers (and a couple of walkers). The warm, rainy weather has melted the base down a bit and we're starting to see a bit of the winters debris come to the surface. Pine needles, twigs and the like. No great impediment to skiing though.

I was surprised to see a "no skating" sign as I got to 51 at P19. Sure enough 51 was groomed with double classic tracks. That seems new and caught me off gaurd. I opted to continue my loop, double poling the flats and skating the climbs where the tracking stopped.

Also saw a few downed trees that had clearly fallen after the groomer had passed. Easy enough to ski around these ones but keep your head up lest you encounter a surprise "barricade" around the corner.
Mar 16 (1w, 12h) by Michael Duivenvoorden from P16 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #50 [14.7km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Skate, hard base. Corduroy granular, softened up by 11:00. Noted that many of the side trails had not been groomed. Classic track was good, with glazed base. Skate track was much faster on downhills than classic track. Picked up a cell phone on the trail near trail 36 junction. Text 613 294 9126 with contact info if it is yours
Mar 16 (1w, 15h) by Cindy De Cuypere from P16 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #50 [14.7km], Glide Wax: LF7, Grip Wax:
Once out of the parking lot and the valley, the wind was not an issue. The snow was fine-grained and icy, with only a few granules of new snow in between the corduroy ridges. Skate conditions were firm and fast with just enough give to get an edge. There was usually a ridge about two feet inside of the classic tracks on one side or the other which reduced the width of the comfortable skating area. Classic tracks were firm and icy. In places there were quite a few conifer needles embedded in the skate lane and classic tracks. Conditions will be better after the next grooming.
Mar 16 (1w, 16h) by Garry Tarr from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: CH7, Grip Wax:
It's no surprise that skate conditions on the Doldrums were fairly hard and icy this morning, but the skate lane had been tilled deeply enough that I never had trouble getting my edges to hold. The large-grain granular snow was rocket fast, as were descents in the concrete classic tracks. On occasion the powerful March sun broke through the clouds and helped soften the surface. The 50kmh west wind was a bit of an issue- at times I felt I was being blown backwards! It's definitely worth skiing on the upper parkways today, but I don't regret my decision to save my knees and stay off the steeper hills. There were lots of parking spaces open in P8 when I departed around noon. P8 itself is a skating rink and could use sanding- be extremely careful when walking to the trailhead.
Mar 15 (1w, 2d) by Garry Tarr from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy [1.4km], Glide Wax: Ch8 and rillu, Grip Wax:
Great spring skate conditions on GP from P8 to Mica this morning. I had the first tracks in the freshly groomed skate lane on my outbound trip! The CP had been groomed too (I turned around at the icefall) but was not as fresh. Pleasant descents in the soft classic tracks. Get out soon if you can go, it’s softening quickly.
Mar 14 (1w, 3d) by Ken Trischuk from P10 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, #1 [13.6km], Glide Wax: Blue, Grip Wax: Vauhti Tar
This might be a bit of a “wish you were there" report as things are expected to change rapidly today. I managed to grab a quick, morning ski before work and the tracks were in awesome shape. Several groomers were just rolling out of the barn as I drove past P8 but the parkways had already been groomed. I skied from P10 up to the lookouts on perfect tracks and then back along Ridge to gossip corner before descending back to the car. Ridge and Burma hadn’t been groomed when I skied it – other than last nights “dinner skiers” who had broken out a track in the fresh snow. That said, as I turned the corner at Gossip, I could hear the groomer down near Keogan so they were working there way around on the secondary trails.

The fresh snow was just cold enough that it didn't ice up on the grip wax so the striding was easy. Temperatures are supposed to rise through the day so that might change quickly but at least the forecast rain isn't supposed to start until this evening. The skate lane was firming up nicely after the groomers morning pass so it should be solid all day. Heavy rain tonight and tomorrow will certainly mean no grooming tomorrow and they may even "close the trails" until things cool down on the weekend so get out if you can.
Mar 14 (1w, 3d) by Don Fugler from P5 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: #1 Penguin Climb, #6, #19, #34 [7.6km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
It was beautiful again this morning, just below freezing, dry snow up top - lovely backcountry conditions. I am not sure how the day will evolve but it is worth going now. The descent on #1 was pillowy.
Mar 13 (2w, 4d) by Tom Conklin from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy [19.6km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
It's going to get ugly tomorrow.

ROUTE: From P5 up the Gatineau Parkway to the Champlain Parkway T (Mica?) and then up the CP to the top of King Mountain (the really big hill) and back.

SKATE: The grooming was perfect - great glide, even uphill, and more than enough loose or soft snow to allow for easy control on the downhills.

CLASSIC: The tracks were deep and solid.

TRAFFIC: Maybe 8 cars in P5 just before 11. The same number at 12:30.
Mar 12 (2w, 5d) by Harris Kirby from P16 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: #50 [14.7km], Glide Wax: Vauhti Blue, Grip Wax:
The snow that fell on Monday was beautifully groomed through most of the trails of the northern sector (though not on trail 36). There is fresh new snow mixed with cold fine granular ice which made for a fast, stable skate. There were skaters and classic skiers a-plenty and everyone seemed to agree that trail and weather conditions were excellent. What a gift for the Ontario March Break!
Mar 12 (2w, 5d) by Garry Tarr from P17 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #53 [8.9km], Glide Wax: CH7, Grip Wax:
There were great skate ski conditions along #53 this morning. The trail had been groomed while the snow was still a bit wet last night, giving a fairly hard and crusty surface, but a couple of centimeters of fresh powder over the grooming smoothed things out. Glide was excellent and control acceptable. The classic tracks were firm and deep, and provided fast descents. By late morning skier traffic and the bright March sun had softened the surface a little, making it easier to get edges to hold. A little bit of suction was noticeable on some of the sun-drenched downhills returning to P17. It was (and still is) a great day for skiing.
Mar 12 (2w, 5d) by Don Fugler from P12 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: #2 (from #40 to #1), #33, #40, #21 [8.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
I went out with low expectations and found perfect mid-winter skiing, both on groomed trails and the backcountry. If I had known, I would have set myself up for a longer trip. There are 5-10 cm of soft snow over the ruts on the backcountry, which is just enough to make it worthwhile. The groomed trails - 40, 33, and 2 - were as good as you get. Conditions might be great tomorrow morning too.
Mar 11 (2w, 6d) by David Brownrigg from P8 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: North Loop [3.4km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: waxless skis
Brought my klistered skis expecting damp, coarse snow along with fresh tracks but was met by a blowing snow storm. There was now an accumulation of about 3 or 4 cm's of damp snow. Skied for a bit until my skis started icing up and then returned to the car and got my waxless hairies. Problem solved, good grip and glide. Wind and snow in my face all the way to P9 but a fast return to P8. A lot of classic skiers were stopping to scrape off accumulated snow from their skis.
Mar 10 (2w, 6d) by Ken Trischuk from P7 grooming 
Trails Skied: #1, #30, #8, Camp Fortune Race Course, #11 [21.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: Vauhti tar covered by carrot
Got a late start (about an hour late!) but the skiing was worth the wait. Did a bit of a similar ski to Karl but later in the day so there was a little more snow piled up. Skied out Ridge to Keogan before getting on Merry go round. The backcountry trails were nicer than I expected. Enough fresh snow to make for reasonable control. I thought the crusty snow beanth today's fresh snow might be breakable crust but it held quite well making for an enjoyable ski.

Returned back along Highland which also skied well. Didn't see too many people on the BC trails but at one point I heard some hoots and hollers echoing through the woods so I knew I wasn't the only one enjoying them. The only drawback today was getting hit in the face with ice pellets on the final descent. Sadly the pellets turned to rain as I got back to the car.
Mar 10 (2w, 6d) by Jo-Ann Holden from P10 grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, #1, Champlain Pkwy, #24, #1 (blue) [29.1km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: K15
A lovely solo classic ski from P10, along Ridge, 24 and out to the Wolf Trail. It was hard to know if there had been grooming, but I suspect that there had been at least a skate lane renovation a few hours earlier. The classic tracks were well defined by skiers on the Fortune Parkway, but gradually became more wiggly, shallow and erratic after Huron. No matter, the snow was fine and perfect, the skis made just a light sshssing sound, and otherwise the only sound was the wind. The temperature was around minus 4 and the wax was just right. It was snowing heavily until I turned back, at which time I started to notice that the snow was hissing beneath the skis. There was an interesting combination of very fast snow competing with very strong headwinds. Then a light rain began. I was happy that it was mostly downhill and that the wax was still sort of working. When I reached the car it was covered in a layer of ice!
Mar 10 (2w, 7d) by Karl Saidla from P7 grooming 
Trails Skied: #1, Camp Fortune Race Course [12.6km], Glide Wax: Rode GLF Violet, Grip Wax: Rode Multigrade Violet
Skied on Ridge Road between P7 and Keogan, as well as the Camp Fortune Race course. Fun skiing in some fresh but fast snow on top of a firm base. There hadn't been any grooming when we were out, but I did see a groomer a bit later near P10. I will mention that it feels colder than the temperature because of some wind - so bundle up a bit if you are heading out.
Mar 9 (2w, 12h) by Garry Tarr from P16 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: #50, #54 (green), #55 (green - shared), #36 (blue) [27.4km], Glide Wax: CH8 with rilling, Grip Wax:
I did the Lakes Tour today on skate skis, targeting all the lakes visible from the '50's. I started from P16, detoured down 36 to Bear Point on Meech Lake (I double poled this section to avoid skating over the classic tracks), then continued along 50 passing Lac Trudel (a beaver pond visible in the distance through trees), Harrington Lake and Lac Philippe. I turned up 55 green to Lac Renaud, and made a snack stop in the sunshine on the benches outside Renaud Cabin. I followed the rest of 55 green to Taylor Lake, then backtracked and ascended 54 to Lusk Lake. Here I had to stop inside for my snack since the outdoor benches were full! Some skiers were crust cruising on Lusk Lake. From Lusk I retraced my path to P16 (I admit I left out Lac Meunier, a mud puddle opposite P19). There was fresh grooming everywhere, with a reasonably thick tilled sugary granular layer over a very hard base. Control was perfect on the steep descents from Lusk. The classic tracks were firm and deep in most places, and I used them for the descents. After I passed Herridge on my return trip I found the corduroy had been skied pretty much flat. Despite the tilling the final descent to P16 was a bit wild, and I could feel my skis skidding on the icy base a few times. Even with the warm temperatures and hot March sun I didn't encounter wet snow and didn't feel much suction slowing my skis (although the rilling probably helped with this). Debris in the snow was minimal, even in the pine groves. The crowds were out between P16 and Herridge (no surprise) and around Lac Renaud, but otherwise I didn't encounter too many other skiers. It's a near-perfect day to be out skiing- and there is still time for a quick ski if you haven't been yet!
Mar 9 (2w, 12h) by Jo-Ann Holden from P6 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, MacKenzie-King Rd [20.4km], Glide Wax: LF7, Grip Wax:
A glorious morning for skiing. I found the skate conditions were about as nice as they could be. By noon happy skiers were out in huge numbers and the benches needed reservations!
Mar 9 (2w, 13h) by Karl Saidla from P5 grooming grooming 
Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy , #1 (black - Chelsea) [3.3km], Glide Wax: Rode GLF orange, Grip Wax: Rode Multigrade Klister
Some very friendly spring weather today. Whether you actually ski or just hang out at the bench at gossip corner you won\'t regret it. Conditions this morning were firm despite the warming temperatures, but we\'re back to klister territory - basically any universal should work well today. Looks like tomorrow we\'ll be back to hard wax with new snow expected.
Mar 9 (2w, 15h) by Cindy Courtemanche from P12 grooming grooming   photos!
Trails Skied: #2 (blue), #2 (from #40 to #1), #24, #33, #40, #1 (blue) [16.9km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: VR40
One word - WOW. 8:30 start from P12, 4th car in the lot. Classic ski up #40, #2 (see pic), #33 over to #40, #24, along Ridge to the Fire Tower and back.

Pristine conditions, grooming, weather - life is so very good.

When I got back to P12 at 11am, the parking lot was a gong show. There are benefits to getting up early.


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Gatineau Park is ski paradise! The network of ski trails offer machine groomed skate skiing and classic skiing as well as little groomed backcountry trails. Multiple access points allow skiers to access a variety of terrain and scenery. The NCC offers season or daily pay rates.

For suggestions on where to ski, excellent trail descriptions, photos and maps checkout Michael McGoldrick`s website about recreational xc-skiing in Canada`s National Capital Region (with an emphasis on the Gatineau Park).

The NCC also maintains a grooming report on-line. If you encounter people walking on groomed trails, you are best advised to contact the NCC. They are responsible for the enforcement on this so report those trail wreckers whenever you see them by calling 819-827-2020 (Visitor Centre), or email info@ncc-ccn.ca.


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Current Weather

Observed at: Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier Int'l Airport
Date: 9:00 PM EST Wednesday 1 February 2017
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
Temperature: -7.5°C
Wind Chill: -9
Wind: S 3 km/h
Humidity: 81%
Dew point: -10.2°C
Pressure: 101.4 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Visibility: 24 km
Sunrise: 7:23 EST
Sunset: 17:09 EST
Max -6°C. Min -15°C.

Temperature Trends



Ottawa (Kanata - Orléans), ON (Issued: 5:14 PM EST Wednesday 1 February 2017)

Wednesday night
Mainly cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries this evening and after midnight. Clearing before morning. Low minus 16.
A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of flurries in the afternoon. Wind becoming west 20 km/h early in the afternoon. High minus 5.
Thursday night
Partly cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries early in the evening. Wind west 20 km/h becoming light late in the evening. Low minus 14.
Sunny. High minus 6.
Friday night
Clear. Low minus 15.
Sunny. High minus 6.
Saturday night
Cloudy. Low minus 12.
Flurries. High minus 2.
Sunday night
Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 12.
A mix of sun and cloud. High minus 9.
Monday night
Cloudy periods with 30 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 17.
Cloudy with 60 percent chance of snow. High minus 7.