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Jan 15 (10M, 4d) by Nancy Shaver from P4
Trails Skied: 21, 22 [4.7km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
This report is from yesterday, SUNDAY JAN. 14th. The snow was in good shape but unfortunately there had been pedestrian traffic on 22 which had sunk into the base when it was soft from the rain, and left large icy irregular holes where it froze back up. Trail 21 was better, little to no pedestrian traffic on that one, and the bike path to Robertson Rd. was even better still.

About Skiing in the Green Belt..

The National Capital Greenbelt has over 100km of trails and another 25km of recreational pathways, most of which are suitable for cross-country skiing in the wintertime. All of the trails are suitable for beginner and family outings.

Thanks to the Nakkertok Nordic Ski Club, Orleans Nordic Ski Club and Kanata Nordic Ski Club for their volunteer grooming of various Green Belt trails from time to time. The city of Ottawa and the NCC would like to encourage urban skiing, so if you appreciate the grooming let your councilor, the city and the NCC know!

ONSC grooms The Hornet's Nest (Tauvette street to Montreal Rd), Mer Bleue and Pine Grove Forest (the section off Leitrum Rd). Trails are classic skiing ONLY, no skating is allowed on these trails. The Hornet's Nest is groomed at least weekly and the others as time permits. Updated trail conditions are available at the snow phone; 613-837-SNOW.

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