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Feb 7 (2017-02-07) by Elisabeth Fink from South: Stadium
Trails Skied: Jackrabbit, Stadium, Lower Lit loop [0km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:
Fresh overnight snow at Nakkertok. Nothing was groomed yet at 7:30, so my classic ski was a bit slow breaking track. It was just the right amount of fresh snow so the original tracks from yesterday would still show. When I finished, the PistenBully came out, so presumably later today it should be great! Still enjoyed my ski, skate might have been OK for the more ambitious and strong skiers. The Gatineau Loppet is coming up, so no excuses.

The fresh snow is all powdery and dry, so together with the underlying layer of soft, wet snow it should make a good mix for both skate and classic!

It is quite windy today, so the -12 feel pretty chilly.

About Skiing at Nakkertok..

Nakkertok has a network of about 75km of skating, classical and backcountry trails at two locations just north of Ottawa in the Gatineau Hills.

General Info: Driving Directions | Trail Maps | Trail Conditions | Grooming Activity Report.

Nakkertok South is the main attraction offering groomed skating and classic skiing, chalets, races and children's programming. There are lit trails for night skiing. Club membership, or a day-use fee required for skiing.

Nakkertok North trails are quite demanding, and only occasionally groomed (Fridays). They offer a refreshing backcountry wilderness experience for those with good skiing skills. The trails at Nakkertok North are almost always quiet. The annual Nakkerloppet event in February is a great opportunity to discover these trails by making the North to South crossing.


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