Nakkertok Nordic (South)

Trails Skied: Powerline, Sunrise Loop, Stadium, Johannsenhus to Owl cabin Loop, Beep Beep, #16, Horseman's Pass, Pond Loops, Pooch Loop, #8, #1 heading to North.., @Owl Cabin, Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: SKin SKis

I can never quite keep track of which trails I have skied at Nakkertok, but the entire morning was a delight. It was a very peaceful place. A friend and I chatted the entire time - so much nicer than a coffee shop! Some of the trails were freshly groomed, some had a layer of fresh snow over recent grooming. The undulating trails are such a treat! Garry went off on his own to skate the trails and also had an enjoyable morning.

Gatineau park map

Nakkertok has a network of about 75km of skating, classical and backcountry trails at two locations just north of Ottawa in the Gatineau Hills.

Nakkertok South is the main attraction offering groomed skating and classic skiing, chalets, races and children's programming. There are lit trails for night skiing. Club membership, or a day-use fee required for skiing. Located 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa in Cantley, Quebec, Nakkertok South has a heated ski chalet with benches and tables, and places to store your gear. It's a great place to change your boots, warm-up, and socialize to meet other master skiers or club members. The trails at South are groomed for skating and classic skiing with a state-of-the-art Pisten Bully groomer. Two loops are lit at night. The trails at South form more or less a grid, extending for about 4 km north into the bush and slightly higher country. These offer enjoyable skiing, and are suitable for beginners, with the exception of a few short stretches.

Nakkertok North trails are quite demanding, and only occasionally groomed (Fridays). They offer a refreshing backcountry wilderness experience for those with good skiing skills. The trails at Nakkertok North are almost always quiet. The annual Nakkerloppet event in February is a great opportunity to discover these trails by making the North to South crossing.

Nakkertok Nordic