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Feb 6 (9M, 2w) by Craig Storey from South: Stadium
Trails Skied: Powerline, Stadium, Perri's Way, Waterfall Trail, Morrall Loop, Haycock Mine Loop [0km], Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: Skins
Beautiful skiing day at Nakkertok. We ventured up the new trail (Charret's??) to connect to Haycock Mine, then Morral and back down #4. There was 1-2cm of new snow over yesterday's or this morning's grooming. It was a bit soft here and there, these secondary trails don't get the big Piston Bulley compression the primaries do so need a few more passes and some time to firm up, but the skiing was great compared to last Tuesday!

I expected it to seem very quiet after Easterns had cleared out, but there were buses dropping off high school students for a race. The students were having a blast exploring the freshly groomed primary trails and skiing the terrain park - you could hear squeals and applause for jumps from 1km away! Hope they enjoyed the day.

About Skiing at Nakkertok..

Nakkertok has a network of about 75km of skating, classical and backcountry trails at two locations just north of Ottawa in the Gatineau Hills.

General Info: Driving Directions | Trail Maps | Trail Conditions | Grooming Activity Report.

Nakkertok South is the main attraction offering groomed skating and classic skiing, chalets, races and children's programming. There are lit trails for night skiing. Club membership, or a day-use fee required for skiing.

Nakkertok North trails are quite demanding, and only occasionally groomed (Fridays). They offer a refreshing backcountry wilderness experience for those with good skiing skills. The trails at Nakkertok North are almost always quiet. The annual Nakkerloppet event in February is a great opportunity to discover these trails by making the North to South crossing.


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