Gatineau Park

Trails Skied: #1 (green) (#2 - #24), #2 (from #40 to #1), #24, #40, Glide Wax: , Grip Wax:

I decided to go for a walk and brought my skis along. My route was from P12=>#40=>#24=>#1=>#2=>#40=>P12. Its hard to imagine going back there after 3 days when it was still skiable, and WOW so bare as the pics show, every trail that I went to was practically a bust.

Even going down #2 black I expected some snow as its mostly shaded but surprise hardly anything there too. This is one of the shortest season's that I can remember not even 3 months worth, but like some of the other skiers mentioned the time we had was sure some GREAT skiing to be had.

The grooming started of slow perhaps lack of snow but picked up soon after even with the sometimes difficult conditions we had (freezing rain) the trails became in excellent shape, and the last week of February was one of the Best powder snow week we had for some outstanding back country skiing.

We also had some informative ski reports from all kinds of skiers this year offering a variety of trail reports and starting areas which helped plan your next ski outing.

Everyone enjoy the summer seems like we skipped spring, and hopefully we get an early 2012-2013 ski season !!!!!

Gatineau park map

Gatineau Park is ski paradise! The network of ski trails offer machine groomed skate skiing and classic skiing as well as little groomed backcountry trails. Multiple access points allow skiers to access a variety of terrain and scenery. The NCC offers season or daily pay rates.

Gatineau park map

For suggestions on where to ski, excellent trail descriptions, photos and maps checkout Michael McGoldrick`s website about recreational xc-skiing in Canada`s National Capital Region (with an emphasis on the Gatineau Park).

Gatineau park map